2 07 2012

Go Italy.. starting now the final match of EURO 2012, against the great Spain: already a great result for us, I hope in a good match at least!

The channel I use to watch football presented Italy goals in trhe previous matches with the music track of “Azzurro”.. typical foreign stereotype of Italian.. strange they are not eating pizza in studio..

..and as always happens on Chinese TV they repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat the same stuff over and over: it’s about 10 minutes that Celentano sings the same “Azzurro”.. This is Chinese TV!

I wonder if in a couple hours it will be again the same or some Spanish folk song… I could take more “Azzurro”!! ;-)

UPDATE – Spain is butchering us!!! A miracle if it does not finish 4-0, 5-0.. or worse!!


Why always me?

29 06 2012

He (super Balotelli) says..

THAT’s WHY!!!!!

Go Italy!!

UPDATE (break time) - watching the match on Chinese PPlive.. a guy just ran in the studio with Italy jersey, hug the journalist that always supports italy, took off the jersey and under he had a t-shirt with written “why always me”!! Chinese guy, of course!!!!

…and there is only ONE BUFFON!!!!!! (89′)

FINAL: Germans were right: it is NOT like 6 years ago… except for the winner!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Go Italy!!!

25 06 2012

Buffon, magic as usual!!!!!


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