Bring the alcohol back!!

31 05 2014

After seeing people drinking it in more than one occasion I have decided to try the “famous” Vita-malz, alcohol free malt beer.


Why?? Why??? why on earth was I so foolish?

Utterly disgusting taste! I’m going to sort of finish it just because I paid for it (at a kiosk, not in a bar!!).

Supposed to be healthy?? Bleah!! Give me the alcohol please!!

I was boarding the wrong flight!!

25 05 2014

First time in my life!! I did not notice the two flights to Amsterdam so close in time !!

Of course the machine did not recognized my ticket!



Right one:


Lucky mine was later, unlucky I almost ran a very long distance in this huge airport of Frankfurt. And it’s warm today… and feeling a bit the good practice of the weekend!!

Now it should be ok and I hope the people taking care if the luggage were more awake than me!!!


17 05 2014

Long time I don’t find something funny worth mentioning.

This goes in the category of funny if you don’t wear my shoes.

Veronica is the name of both a radio station and a tv channel here in the Netherlands.

At work we usually listen to that radio station because it has the least repetitive selection and also good quality/mix of genres.

At home I often watch the tv channel since it has a very good ofer of action movies and tv-series.

My typical luck is that Veronika is also the chosen German name of my ex, who recently kicked me out of her life since she now is seeking something new and more exciting…

Apparently, at work, at home, I am chased by Veronicas….. Wrong ones?? ;-)

My new baby

21 04 2014

…for not feeling lonely in the cold stormy nights…..

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Definitively in the US!!

11 11 2013


Jesus knows all about my sins, says the flier I found in a toilet at Seattle Tacoma airport..

Very American, but it could be Russian as well since being gay is considered a sin, as drunkenness, playing with the occult (!), filthy talk, witchcraft and stubbornness!!!!


If you can’t speak Dutch, speak Chinese!

7 11 2013


Today I went for hair cutting to a Chinese place I spotted the other day. The woman inside could only speak Dutch or Chinese, no English as many other first generation Chinese immigrants. A chance to use some of my basic Chinese!!

Anyway I had already decided to go basic, a good shirt cut all over.. Well worth the final price of 10€!!! I think it was cheap enough!

So I decided to treat myself some Chinese food as well:


Internet cafe? Impossible!

1 11 2013

After 2 days I can consider lucky at my arrival in the Netherlands, finding in less than 48 hours an acceptable accommodation in a nice area at an almost reasonable price, for this expensive city, today all went back to normality! Everything that could go wrong did it until late evening..

Today after signing the house contact I was supposed to pay deposit and first rent but this became an odyssey!

A language misunderstanding fooled me first let me thinking I could perform a straightforward post office payment for that. But what the landlady meant in Dutch was a bank giro payment, possible of course only when one got a Dutch bank. Could it be that easy? Impossible.

So since I got no laptop I had already searched in Italy where to find Internet cafe in Utrecht. I got 3 addresses and one was suggested by a future colleague:

• the latter one was in a large building in the center long time closed for renovation;

• the first of my google addresses was a large and probably famous coffee and cultural meeting place that also advertised to be a hotspot… For society or Internet I don’t know, but it wasn’t an Internet cafe!!

• the second of my addresses was indeed an Internet cafe… Of some sort!! I was the only western person inside in what could have been a Turkish meeting place with 5 old computer without Java, a thick cloud of smoke, one broken flipper dating back to the ’80s, a sort of juke box, 10-15 old wooden tables, a little bar and a separate room where I could not see clearly inside but I think they were playing cards. The only modern thing inside was a cigarette distributor. I could not open my bank (better probably) but I got a very good Turkish coffee!!


• the last google address brought me to some sort of building where different cultural groups had offices and I have no idea about the connection with the words “Internet cafe”.

All of this done walking because it is just easier than biking when you have to stop to check the map every 5 minutes and here the bike traffic is far more active than the car one!

Trusting google maps? Again impossible.

Desperate (no payment no apartment keys, more nights in expensive hotel) I begged the guy working in the hotel to use his laptop. He said ok and finally I managed to get the payment through… but of course the bank date for the transfer is Monday!!!

I miss China (and Japan) so much: Europe should learn how an Internet cafe should look like and should offer!!!

China third world?? Impossible! Europe, you’re still far in something!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – While I was finishing up with the pc in the hotel reception I heard a couple of Italians asking the hotel guy where they could find a coffee shop of Dutch type, since it was their first visit to the Netherlands ;)


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