Wonderful snow!

30 10 2012

lovely snow landscape @ Trondheim – by Inger

Norwegian lunch

5 10 2012


A paradise of fish: sushi, smoked trout, gravlaks… A little of all tastes with good dark bread and Aas beer…

Good to be back!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Great sushi, yes but I could not find chopsticks at home!!! :)

Packing again!

25 09 2012

And not only preparing for my trip soon to come to Europe:

  • 26th September: Biella, Italy;
  • 1st October: Lyon, France (Endo sensei Aikido seminar);
  • 4th October: Trondheim, Norway

In Biella there will be time with my family and few friends there, the very few still there, but on the other hand I will have a chance to practice Aikido with Ivano in Biella Aikikai Dojo and see some old friends playing at a special event..

In Lyon, I got a great chance to visit Dominique Rascle sensei dojo for Endo sensei seminar. First time for me in Lyon for Aikido! And very nice to visit Dominique sensei dojo after having had a very good time with him in China last and this year!

For Trondheim there will be more training at NTNUI and Trondheim Aikido club. Many friends will not be there, but I am sure I will get the best time with the few there. Long time no see, long time no practice together!

But, no, the packing that I have started is not only for this trip..

My time in Hefei is coming to an end.

The company where I worked until now is moving to Tianjin for reasons independent from them (long story that will find other space later probably!) and I had signed for the transfer. But now many situation are coming up, so that I know I will have to move from my apartment and most certainly move form Hefei, but the destination is far from clear. Unfortunately the time *is* more or less fixed, and close to my return to China. This does not help.

I have had a clean mind about this, but of course it is going to stress me up, more toward the end of my trip and return to China. Let’s see what will happen.

Anne Ducouret promoted to 5th dan!

6 08 2012

Congratulations and many many hugs to one teacher I haven’t had the chance to meet in a very long time but I have always appreciated: Mathias’ closest teacher, Anne Ducouret from Paris.

She was just awarded 5th dan by Chiba shihan at the British Birankai summer camp.

A very well deserved 5th dan for what she did for Aikido in her dojo and not only, in Trondheim as well!

Congratulations Anne!!!!

Anne Ducouret, 4.dan

Stavanger group..

relaxing at pub after practice..

Group picture

Group pic

group pic

A real heart for Aikido!!

23 05 2012

The very first time I heard about Aikido was a Saturday night in September 1995. I ended up with other exchange students in Trondheim to a birthday party of a man involved in the university folk dance group (yeah, as Erasmus student, do everything you can was the motto!). Then, at that party I met the couple that now are among my best friends in Norway, Simona and Karsten, and their 2 girls are my little loves.

Jon-ØyvindAnyway, that evening, Karsten did what we Aikido people always do at social happenings: talk about Aikido! In fact the “birthday-boy” was not only in the dance group but he was also the main instructor of the local Aikido club (at that time AVHI Aikido, now best known as NTNUI Tekisukan Aikido club), Jon-Øyvind. So during the evening I discovered something very Norwegian: during important events like special birthdays or wedding celebrations it is common to have a quite large number of speeches..

Kaare!!So while Karsten was explaining me what aikido is and why he enjoyed it so much, suddenly a tall, white hair and mustache man appears, wearing what I was used to call kimono but now I call keiko-gi and a funny looking black skirt, that now I call hakama.. and I think it is just slightly less funny looking! And he starts talking (Karsten translated something from the Norwegian speech) and suddenly he took out a rabbit from the jacket of the uniform, like a real Aikido magician!!!!

That was Kaare, the first time I met him. A few days later I started the beginner course of Aikido in Trondheim.

In the following years he has been for a long time in charge of NTNUI Trondheim Aikido club (not Trondheim aikido dojo, Sverre’s club! I always knew this, having been around long time, but my writing was confusing, as Miraja in the comment pointed out – btw, very nice name!!).

This man always puzzled me: a very independent personality, sometimes defined an old time Norwegian anarchist, a man feeling at home in the real nature, made for mountain trips in any season and for sharing the pleasure of good sauna post practice. A man that started Aikido quite late but gave a huge amount of his life and time to Trondheim Aikido club. In the early years I never shared his view for Aikido, not the politics and not about the teachers. But I have always been motivated and impressed by his energy and commitment. Even in his days suffering injures he always cut short the recovery in order to get back on the mats.

He will be 72 in September, and a friend told me that yesterday he went to practice less than 1 week after a.. heart operation!!!!

And he complained because apparently he had slightly less energy than usual.. forgetting the operation part!

This is our Kaare!

Kaare and Jorma

Kaare and Jorma

Kaare & Tissier sensei

Kaare & Tissier sensei

Way to go dear Kaare!!!!

super Kaare!!!

super Kaare!!!

Happy New Year 2012!!!

1 01 2012

I know, I’m early out of 2011 and into 2012 respect to most of my friends.. still, my hugs fly to you as well:

Love and hugs to all of you!!!

May your start of the year be sparkling good!!!

Trondheim - New Year's Eve 31/12/2005


Guest or visitor – Aikido thoughts of the end of the year..

31 12 2011

A long post, started with a sad realization:

Awareness of failure plagued at him like a sword, twisting in his consciousness cruelly as though it had been lying in wait to murder his self-respect — Noël Coward


  1. This post took an unexpected turn after starting.. There are a lot of personal thoughts.. Please, do not just write comments saying how bad or good an instructor you think I am.. because, in truth, I am pretty sure I have heard already those negative or positive comments from you before!! Really, no kidding!! I am not begging for forgiveness by the people that think I lack of respect to them and not realized how amazing they are, and at the same time not asking for celebration by the others that shared common feelings with me.. Not sure I care about the former and maybe I care too much about the latter.. I just show you here I am aware of my shortcomings.. are you? Only blabbering, as usual!!
  2. The post was mainly written after I got back from my too short holidays in Norway, not because I had bad feelings, mainly for the opposite.. it was great, also being around many friends from the past and observing them now, how they changed, both in Aikido and life..
  3. Maybe at some point I lost the linearity in writing, and more thoughts got entangles together (as usual).. Anyway, that’s what I am.. and this is only another proof..
  4. As I say, these are end of the year thoughts, so I wish you all a wonderful party tonight and an even better start of 2012!!!

Very recently a person running one of the dojos where I often go for practice defined me as a visitor of that dojo, to not be confounded with guests, that are always welcomed!

This was quite unexpected and the comment was, of course, not made straight to my face. It was also intended exactly in the way I wrote it: a visitor comes and goes, not always welcomed, but maybe difficult to stop or deny “hospitality”.

Given I always pay when I practice in that dojo, that I have never taught there or even intended to do so, or even wanted to do so.. the literary distinction of my “role” was a little disappointment, both for me and about the person making the comment.
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