Seminar with Jørgen Nyhus, 2.dan Aikikai, 9-10th December

28 11 2006

Stavanger Aikido Dojo at Kampsportinstittutet has finally set the practice schedule for the closing year 2006 seminar with Jørgen Nyhus, from Grenland Aikido Dojo.

Weekend schedule, info and price is available here.

The proposed menu we received from Mikado, for the price of 300 kr. per person, is the following:

Miso soup

King prawns

Main course – Teppan Yaki:
Choose between
Filet of beef or filet of chicken

I hope many from Stavanger Aikido dojo @ Kampsport Instituttet will join for both training and Christmas dinner!

Maybe even somebody from other Norwegian dojos!!! 😀


My weekend..

27 11 2006

My multifolded weekend:

  1. Finally, after ages, my chief and me finished the “Misterious pipe project”, but I will upload the pictures later tonght.. as we ended the “project” later last night!
  2. I finished reading another of the 10 kr. book.. and I will write a short critic later.. critic of a nobody like me, but still a few words.. before I wil burn it! 🙂
  3. I practice a bit more than 2 hours the corean martial art ITF TaeKwon-Do, 태권도, at the sport center where we have Aikido practice, Kampsport Instittuttet, (pics also tonight): very nice experience with an extremely good teacher, John-Arild Svendsen (VI Dan), and a very enjoyable training environment with nice people. Congratulations to all the people that had graduation with extremely good results!!! 😀
    I must admit that today muscles I haven’t use din a long time for Aikido are totally smashed and asking for consideration: jumping and kicking are not common Aikido movements, and right now I am really missing my basketball background!!! My legs HURT!!!!!! 😦

Chinese, 中文, and Japanese, 日本語, languages

23 11 2006

There is one old post that I realized it is impossible to “enjoy” if you do not have the browser propped with asian editor and asian languages support. Therefore I made a PDF version of it and if you like to read good lyrics and see some chinese, this is probably the chance you got!

If your Adobe PDF editor does not support asian script, then you need to install asian support for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

One of my greatest interest in this part of my life is learning more about chinese characters, kanji when they are related to Japanese language.. and I am more and more interested to Chinese language too! 🙂

This is one of the reason that made me creating the Aikido Glossary page: I know you can already find on the net tons of better pages, but it is not easy to find in the same place both the romanji (the way we write the japanese words) and the kanji of the common Aikido terms, together with pronunciation and a short explanation… but even if there were already thousand other places, I am doing this for myself!!!! 😉

My laptop is dead… ;(((((

20 11 2006

Yesterday evening, an unfortunate event.. everything crashed..

I reformatted and still the hard disk seems to not work properly..

re-installing windows is still impossible..
struggling and swearing..

tonight I’ll try again

My laptop is dead... ;(((((

Good bokken training!!

18 11 2006

Good training yesterday.. and today I felt a bit of stiffness in my legs.. good sign!

It is partly some of my personal masochism since as often, Bob, the main instructor, let me the pleasure of taking the warming up.

First, in seiza, we took a bit more than 200 cuts with bokken, basic cut, frontal with everybody counting to 10 (twice), in order to practice the japanese counting, and a few extra 10’s.. just for fun.. 😉

Next, I almost always practice a hard but quite relevant exercise, for which I don’t have yet a name (maybe the people at practice could think about something!) but it could be referred to as “the legs nightmare“:

  • the exercise starts standing with the feet almost close together and the bokken kept at basic start position, in front of the center, 2 fists from the belly, in seigan position (kissaki pointing to the throat of an imaginary opponent in front of you)
  • raise the sword over the head in a fluid movement, without tensing the shoulder
  • bend the knees and crouch down keeping balance on the toes
  • when the lowest position is reached, the frontal cut is performed, keeping an upright posture of the upper body, without tensing the shoulder or bending forward and stopping the cut in the same starting position (sword never lower than the horizontal)
  • at the end of the cut, raise the sword again over the head in a fluid movement, without tensing the shoulder
  • stand up, without bending forward with the upper body but using only the leg power: raise the whole body following a straight vertical path
  • when the upright standing position is reached, the frontal cut is performed, keeping an upright posture of the upper body, without tensing the shoulder or bending forward and stopping the cut in the same starting position (sword never lower than the horizontal)

Yes, quite hard exercise, especially the first time that is practiced, but it requires a lot of focus in the cut and it is very good for training the legs and the balance. I will take some pics.. 😀

After this warming up (we took 100 cuts in “the legs nightmare“), Bob went through 5 interesting bokken kata from Koryu-Dai-San Tachi-Tai-Tachi, ie. sword against sword techniques: at the end of the page in that link there are the sword exercises movie.. uhm, not so technically great (I don’t want to see people at practice so tensed in the shoulders) but a good reference! Note that Bob does things slightly different!

Japan tour 2007

17 11 2006

DSC05292As a proved tradition, my friend and previous instructor at Oslo Aikido Dojo, Erik Vanem (the one standing on his own leg in the picture 😉 ), is organizing for the 5th time a training trip to Japan where people from any club are welcome to join.

More information about the trip are available here.

If interested take contact with Erik (change ” AT ” to @) for a not-binding registration before the 15th December 2006 and a confirmation will be required when the ticket will be bought.

As extras, usually after the “official” week in Tokyo for practice at Hombu Dojo, Aikido Headquarters for Aikikai, Erik has always many suggestions about what to see or where to practice for interesting Aikido.

In a previous visit to Japan, he had visited an old sensei in Osaka, Abe Seiseki sensei, who had the chance to meet O-sensei, Morihei Ueshiba! Abe sensei is also a calligraphy (shodo, 書道) master and there is this interesting interview where he talks about the relationship between his way to see Aikido and calligraphy.

(the video down here is in Japanese.. but there are interesting practice parts!)

Not 10 kr.. not for the oven!!!

14 11 2006

books01This is the last book published of Haruki Murakami and when I travelled to Oslo for Donovan Waite Aikido seminar I took it with me, instead of keep on reading the second 10 kr book 😉

And the following weekend, when I went to Trondheim, I did continue reading this collection of short stories.. every word capturing my attention, every sentence isolating me from the outside.. even the huge delay because of weather condition had not been a too bad situation.. I had my book! 😉

I wonder if travelling is an excuse for reading Murakami, or the other way around. Not being sure about the answer, I used an offer I had at a local book store and I got 2 books at the price of one.


My choice went on the last book from Murakami that I had not yet read (and found actually): “Underground“, together with a book from the other author that right now is the second favourite of mine (with Murakami, of course): “Lullaby“, by Chuck Palahniuk.

The reason of this post is that yesterday I finished reading “Lullaby”, another book that, once started, made it impossible for me to stop reading. Very different style from Murakami, but same effect on me, maybe even a stronger effect: Palahniuk words run like a thought process, it is like his thoughts get straight to the reader mind without lingering on the pages..

Nice nice nice effect!!!