Frank Ostoff, 5.dan, in Trondheim!

30 04 2007

Nice and interesting Aikido seminar in Trondheim: the club received visit by Frank Ostoff, 5.dan from Aikido Dojo Düsseldorf.

This German instructor, extremely good at teaching, has been quite a few times already in Norway, visiting Oslo, Bergen, Brandbu, and now Trondheim..

group picture!


Great seminar – great weekend!

22 04 2007

Stockholm practice with Christian Tissier sensei has been one of the best seminar I had been lately!!!

And when we did not practice, we had a great time off the mats too!!!!!


PS I’ll be away for a business trip until wednesday.. great excuse 😉

Weekend in Stockholm for Christian Tissier sensei!

19 04 2007

This weekend, leaving already thursday evening, I’ll be in Stockholm for one of the many interesting Aikido seminars of this spring..

This is with one of my extra favorite sensei: Christian Tissier!

In the video below, take a look at the , 杖, part, especially the first jō-tai-jō exchange between sensei and one of the very high graded uke: I remember sensei telling us once in Stockholm that.. uhm.. it was an accident!!! 😉

Commonwealth Saga!!!

17 04 2007

Today I finished the second part of the “Commonwealth Saga” series by this great author Peter F. Hamilton. I start reading books by this author thanks to Joachim, a good friend with the common passion for SciFi books.

The first books I read from Hamilton were The Night’s Dawn Trilogy and even if I thought that maybe he could have cut a bit on the length (3 x 1200 pages.. and a bit soft ending 😦 ) I also liked his amazing ideas and writing style.

I started 2007 by re-reading the first chapter of this saga and I just devoured the second and last book, “Judas Unchained“.. Epic book, that I would compare to the third book of Tolkien‘s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “The Return of the King“. All the stories and characters introduced in the first book get a lot of action building passion to the last stand and battle on a couple of different fronts..

Amazing…. 😀

Giving a face to my dreams… :-)

16 04 2007

by luckyMay*.

One of the first post in my blog was dedicated to this pretty Japanese girl, luckyMay*, whose pictures here on flickr has been a strong link between my dreams in general and Japan..

Now after quite a long time, I finally discovered her name, Yuko, 裕子 and her blog..

Hope you will also enjoy her pics, as much as I do, since they show Japan as it is, respect to art, nature, every day life and people..

..and with such a cute and relaxed face in my mind now, I know my dreams of Japan will only be more pleasent!

Jenny Lane bridal salon!

15 04 2007

or in other words, my first semi professional use of my camera!!! 😀

[Jenny closed up her little experiment and together with husband and lovely baby moved back to Houston.. maybe soon there will be an American branch of the salon!!]

dresses..Jenny, Phil‘s wife, is starting this new adventure in her life: with her experience in wedding dresses and accesories, she put together an exclusive offer, both for prices and models. The boutique, which operates by free appointment only, carries gowns that can’t be found anywhere else in Scandinavia. The salon is also advertised on the most sold wedding magazine in Norway, Bryllupsmagasinet. With the assistance of Phil at the steamer and Jenny preparing the mannequins, we set up a small studio for the dresses of Jenny Lane line.

So, if you have a chance, give a look at Jenny Lane’s offer and if you live around Stavanger and you’re getting close to the big day, it’s worth to make an appointment and Jenny a visit!!!! 😀

I like this one!!P1010326


6 04 2007


by stella umbrella.

so what’s better than dream, with open eyes.. when you can see this exceptional artist…

Her eyes, I got lost there as soon as I reached her account.. and I could keep on dream of my beloved Asia being Maiko half Japanese..

I told her I wanted to scream at the world how beautiful I think this self-portrait is: I do shout it to my little expanding blog world!

Girl, you are wonderful, as an artist and as a human being!!! 😀