Jan Nevelius, 6.dan, in Trondheim

10 10 2007

Last weekend I was at the first seminar of Jan Nevelius in Norway, organized by my first dojo, Tekisuikan Aikido in Trondheim. As Jan said, it was his second visit in Norway, after Tekisuikan Aikido 20 years anniversary in October 2006 with Christian Tissier sensei!

It was a medium size seminar, for Norwegian standards, with a quite good response from the more advanced people from Trondheim dojo, even if few beginners came, but most have started just a couple of weeks ago.. and it takes time to start enjoy, unless you are a freak!!!! There were also quite a few from OSI Aikido Oslo, Anne Berit from her new club in Arendal (with 1 of her students? maybe.. yes! read the comments 🙂 ), one Finnish guy visiting and 2 (1, beside me, yipppyyyyyyyy!) from Stavanger! I probably forget someone else.. that’s life! 😀 In a way, it was much better than the too crowd seminar of a Endo sensei in Paris!!!

I could only take part to 2 sessions because of late arrival in Trondheim (interminable flight from Stavanger: stops is Bergen and Ålesund.. and if you ask really really nice, the pilot may land in front of your house in some other village on the way!).

Practice had been extremely interesting! I always enjoyed training with Jan, a couple of times in Vanadis dojo, or during the other seminars organized by Vanadis people. Jan’s Aikido shows a good deal of thinking and developing over all the years he has practiced, influenced by the several senseis he has met in in martial art path. It was also extremely interesting to chat with him, during the Saturday evening dinner. As Svein commented, given the close contact between Jan and Endo sensei, for once it was good to get explanations in an understandable language of some of the concepts that Endo sensei developes.. instead of the usual translations of sensei words, from Japanese to French, Slovakian, Finnish or German!!!! 😀

As it has been asked me yesterday, I strongly recommend seminars like this one of Jan Nevelius to all Aikido practitioners, independently of the level: Jan has been very effective at showing the technique on people of very different level.. enjoying kicking yudansha asses and helping beginners to understand properly both uke and tori ways!