Anne Ducouret in Trondheim!

29 10 2007

Anne, 4.dan from Le Cercle d’Aikido Parisien in Paris visited Trondheim for the.. thousandth time??? 😀

group pic

Anne was the sensei of Mathias in Paris, and starting a few years ago, it has been a tradition to have a seminar with her in Trondheim once or twice per year. And I am pretty sure she will visit Norway for a long time, especially since I do not see Mathias moving from here for a long time 😉

relaxing at pub after practice..All this visit made Anne expressing an extremely nice thought: when coming to Trondheim she does not feel like she is going to have a seminar in a foreign place, but time after time she has almost the same feelings than when she practice in her own dojo among her own student.. a more familiar and relaxed feeling that helps always during an Aikido seminar, in order to learn more in a joyful and not stressed atmosphere. That is probably one of the reasons that make me coming back to Trondheim every time I got a chance, using all the seminars up there as a poor excuse! 😛

jo This year seminar with Anne has included quite a lot of weapon work, both jo and bokken practice. A tradition of these seminars is also the final joexercise“, involving running, balance, control and relaxation.. together with a good laugh! 

A quite different school from the kind of weapon practice I am used: Anne is following Chiba sensei, and for example, in the jo practice, he is more oriented to the yari (spear) forms using the short staff. The kata learnt on Sunday requried quite a lot of attention, especially for the number of movements and cut that, if not focus, might lead to injures.. On Saturday, the bokken practice was less dangerous for the head (except when Mathias hit Anne on her head!) but more for the fingers… even with the tsuba (necessary) on the sword!!

All in all, I enjoyed very much the practice, in truth, I enjoy it more every time!




3 responses

29 10 2007

Og jeg venter på bilder 😉 *bare litt misunnelig*


29 10 2007

Thanks for again and again supporting our club with your presense in our seminars, even when the prize for getting a plane ticket sometimes are quite shocking. It is always a joy to practice with you 🙂


30 10 2007

Anne thanks you again !
… yep, yep, yep… lost of attention from me… I was lucky not to get hit back ! 😉
Thanks again for your visit here !


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