2007 of words

5 01 2008

The book I read during 2007:



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5 01 2008
Cliff Burns

Read FOREVER WAR years ago and recall liking it–how much time passed while the marines were in outer space, the Earth leaving them behind. I reviewed the Murakami book on my site (thought it was a lesser effort by a talented scribe). One of the best books for me this year was THE FUTURIST, which I highly recommend, a nice bit of barbed satire. My one BIG book of the year was Denis Johnson’s award-winning TREE OF SMOKE–unfortunately, I read it as I was revising a novella and so couldn’t bring all my attention to the task. Good list, fun to swap favorites with someone thousands of miles away…


5 01 2008
Cliff Burns

Have a great year in 2008 and, for the sake of us poor, starving authors everywhere…keep searching out and reading good books…


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