100 days to Olympics!!

30 04 2008

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100 days to the official kick off, 93 days for my trip to China!!!!

The fuwa, 福娃 (friendlies – good luck dolls) symbol of the coming Olympics in Beijing are 5 mascots named Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini, so that the first syllable makes the sentence:

Beijing huanying ni – 北京欢迎你

that means:

Beijing welcomes you

100 days to go and some fun is popping out on the net:


And, thanks to my pretty 旭, here it is the explanation! 🙂

This time the chinese characters are:

北京欢迎你丫挺的 – bei jing huan ying ni ya ting de

Beijing welcomes you

It is typical Beijing dialect bad sentence!!!!

When you put “丫” after “你” ,then still means : you, but very very impolite. “丫挺的 ” together put after “你”,still means: you… but extremely bad!!

This whole sentence can be properly understood only by Beijing people, and now by me.. and the few friends reading here.. It will be useful this summer when I will be there!!

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On my way home..

28 04 2008

[I wrote this post mostly on my way back from Christian Tissier sensei seminar in Stockholm, Sunday 20th April 2008 and it came out more in a “story” version, than just a common blabbering post.. That’s why I put it in the “My Story” categories]

I’m sitting on the bus, on my way home. Pain everywhere. A great weekend until now. And it is still sunday. At home there is still time for a nice afternoon with my gorgeous girl. And her exam preparation.

Pain in my left arm where that big guy grab my gi in katadori and twisted all the way, as his life was depending on that grip. Blue spots. Ugly. Normal. And I felt so good, even better, performing an almost perfect technique when just I wanted to tell him “don’t squeeze in that way, for fuck sake!”

I’m sitting on the bus and I feel my thighs: pain; my calves: pain. My feet, toes: super pain. Especially the toe that got twisted during Erik’s seminar. But no pain during iriminage. No pain during that ai-hanmi ikkyo ura. No pain when I managed ushiro ryotedori ktegaeshi in the way that is almost Tissier sensei trademark: pang-pang, low movement, do not let uke get his balance back.

sushi!!!I’m sitting at the airport now, chocolate and cognac for my girl (and myself). I feel my neck: pain. I feel my shoulders: pain. I feel my wrists: writing and holding this small book are a good stretching exercise. But no pain when with my dear friends Pedram, Svein, Bob, Tina and Kamilla we ate a great Japanese meal at Kimama. No pain maneuvering chopsticks. No pain lifting the second Guinnes glass at Molly’s. Aikido, pain and friends.

I’m sitting but I’d rather sleep. Impossible night. No snoring but I was afraid to miss the alarm and at the same I did not want to disturb the others with it. But it never happened. I got tired to lay down and went out earlier.

I’m sitting now thinking to Tissier sensei words: intentions and abilities must converge to a realistic target. Was he talking about Aikido? Life? Was it katatedori gyaku hanmi kotegaeshi? Or just my daily task, like losing weight? Practice for my nidan? Improving my private life? Keep the center line, he says. Do not struggle, he says. Do not try to move beyond the maximum you can reach, he says. From that point, something else must change. Inside you, me. Was that Aiki talk? Is it?

I am sitting.. and they are calling my flight.

Friends and aikido..

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Isotope and Cod!

22 04 2008

OK.. weird combination maybe, but not after you have a look at this interesting page.. that is made even more interesting because the picture used is mine!!!!

Another one of my shots goes out to the world.. daddy is sooooo proud!!!!! 😀

Lofoten 2000

Love CHINA!!!!

16 04 2008

I noticed today that most of my Chinese contacts added on their MSN line message the write:


It is possible to find some comments on the net and from blogs: it is a nice reaction of Chinese people (a lot of students abroad) to all the bad feelings, especially from Western countries, against China for Tibet question and Olympics..

I said already what I think about this..

…so I did the same!!! 中国人很团结!!!!

Chinese protest in London you never see on BBC
视频转自 mofile

究竟是怎么熄灭的?虽然双方都在极力回避这个问题,但还是终于浮出水面,真相大白。     当天,奥运火炬在通过巴黎站时,本来按计划要到巴黎市正厅 门前举行一个盛大仪式。但是 巴黎市政府却要在政府办公大楼前悬挂大幅的支持藏独和所谓人权活动的标语,并早早地通 告了媒体,成为一大”热点”。虽然这个举动遭到中国政府抗议:要以奥运为中心,要考虑 行为的后果。但巴黎市政府根本不予理睬,依然依旧我行我素,在没有和中方协商的情况下 将一幅巨大的关于保护人权的标语悬挂在巴黎市政大楼上。这一”壮举”震惊了媒体,巴黎 的所有新闻机构也都给予了报道。     但众多的华人和中国留学生不知道这一情况,他们高举国旗热切的期盼奥运火炬的到来。而 一大群ZD人士,也摇旗呐喊,有的人要越过栏杆去展现其标语旗帜,但遭到警方的禁止。     就在这时,在巴黎市政厅这座美丽的建筑物的一扇窗户中,政 府官员竟然悬挂了ZD旗帜和 抵制奥运会的五个手铐标志!!     顿时群情激奋,呐喊声不断。ZD支持者和华人声援队伍相互对着政府大楼上的窗子高喊示 威,这一情况也被各界媒体记录下来。稍后,奥运圣火的传递队伍到达。在转弯处,一名中 方护火炬的队员要把火炬拿下,法国运动员表示不解,双方僵持了很长时间。最后,协商的 结果是他们继续跑到仪式场地。然后中方将圣火关闭,护送圣火的队员和警方排队率先跑走 了。两个法国运动员拿着已经熄了火的火炬看着大家都走了,非常失落。最后,他们也跟着 大队人马也走了。巴黎市长德拉诺埃目瞪口呆地看着全部传递队伍坐上大巴和巴黎警方的车 辆在巴黎市政厅前浩浩荡荡的通过。     这一突如其来的现象让在场的所有等待的人都傻了眼,因为有的人已经在此等候了近六个小 时!     之后市长对媒体表示他的”遗憾”和态度,因为北京为巴黎市政府选择的”欢迎”火炬的方 式竟然给予了这样的回答。法国电视上也播放了整个过程,证实是中国自己取消了在巴黎市 政厅的仪式。原因很简单:中国凭什么要在ZD的旗帜下举办奥运火炬交接仪式,这届奥运 会与藏独有什么关系?!     奥运会的伟大意义本来在于突破差别,用奥运精神去连接东西文明,共筑同一个世界。遗憾 的是,巴黎政府公开背叛了奥林匹克精神,利用了世界给它的这一机会,发泄自己的政治不 满。奥运圣火传递的文化本应包含着友好、宽容和祝福,却不幸在法国巴黎竟然成了践踏奥 运精神、嫉妒中国的繁荣、发泄政治不满的大舞台。     体现人类共同理想和精神的奥运圣火在法国巴黎被谋杀了。凶手不是别人,就是这个越无耻 就越刺激的巴黎政府!

Che tristezza!!!

15 04 2008

What a sad day“.. freely translated.. it is the email I got this morning from my father, who lives (still) in Italy. Yes, another sad day for me and the few (it seems) that do not like at all Berlusconi, il nano maledetto (the damn dwarf), who won again the elections in Italy.. and really won, as 14 (yes, fourteen!!) years ago!!

The disastrous loss of the left side has as first effect the resignation of Bertinotti, and, for me (personal thought) is a good thing, for the whole left movement (yes, my side)..

Being Italian I know that the best weapon against a damn black reality is self-irony.. the best weapon against many situations, especially when the reason seems to have abandoned us (seeing the way that my Italian “brothers and sisters” voted). That’s why we use very often comics to express our feelings..

Vauro‘s work, today:

vauro 20080415

And Altan wonderful expression of sadness from 2001 (and still valid):

altan 2001

Still no words from Beppe Grillo, maybe it is difficult writing while crying/laughing! But he knew the result would have been this one..

Some mroe comics (not that funny anyway, for us) are available from il riso degli angeli.

I admit I have been a bit surprised: I had hoped in a smaller gap between right (sure winner) and left.. they realyl kicked our asses, and with this difference, in the next 5 years, they can do to Italy whatever they want.. ie. take my country to Chile or Burundi level!!! (as my best friend also thinks!!).

The prospect for the future is only black..

Back to black..

Italian Elections. Berlusconi returns to power. New perspectives for Italy…

15 04 2008

Another good way to put it!!!

Pictures & pratice

14 04 2008

I finally uploaded on Flickr the pictures of last thursday session with Jean-Marc Dessapt here in Stavanger. He showed us an Aikido slightly different from what we are used to: I practiced only once with Tamura sensei and I admit not remembering much (except a funny situation at the evening party that showed how much living in France/Western countries changed, positively for me, sensei respect to other Japanese teachers that live in Japan). It was very interesting the way he shorten the entrance for techniques like katadori ikkyo, with a movement otherwise very difficult to see from the outside.


In addition, I also uploaded the pictures from my short session in my old dojo in Oslo, Oslo Aikido club: many thanks to Lester for taking so many shots of myself teaching.. I think it is one of the first time that I am not the one taking pictures!! 🙂

It was really good to practice again in my old dojo, its great mats (soft!!) and especially meeting old friends, making new friends and talk again with friends that I had not seen in ages!! They came for practicing with me: I was touched!! It was also good to meet a couple of friends that could not practice, but they joined us at the post-practice-traditions: a good time at the pub!!

For the practice, I had a chance to perform both basics and a bit more advanced techniques, trying to focus, as I like lately, on the contact between tori and uke. Apart from that, I went through different techniques (mostly basics) from suwariwaza, hanmi handachi and tachiwaza. What’s that? Have a look at the glossary!! 😉


The two days in Oslo were anyway not for Aikido but for spending some time with “my” babies and I have been extra lucky. I spent good time not only with Simona and Karsten daughters, Sara and Silvia, little nieces for me, but also with Enya, Tina and Pedram little girl (about the same age as Silvia!). Friends and babies.. good practice maybe too! 😉

group pic!