Tomiki graduation!

24 05 2008

Finally we had a new graduation for the Tomiki style group here in Stavanger.. and this time I also took part to it! And not, for once, on the grading committee part! 🙂

After 2 years in Stavanger, where I have been training and teaching both Aikikai and Tomiki Aikido I decided, together with Bob, to attempt one graduation, straight to green belt level (3.kyu). And Friday we had a quite nice group of people grading:

Tommy, Anders and Andre’ for the first time, Jacqueline and Christian for the orange belt (4.kyu) and Jimmy and Geir Håkon for the green belt too.

And in celebration of the great weather we had lately, we also had a nice barbecue at Jacqueline house!

The graduation went really well indeed, with the white belts promoted straight to 5.kyu level (yellow belt) and all the other promoted to green belt level (3.kyu). Jacqueline and Christian have been extra rewarded because of the quite good performance for the first 5 randori-no-kata-no-ura-waza, ie. basics and counters.

For my graduation, Bob surprised me a bit when he pushed me to do all 10 counters and tanto hikitategeiko with active attacker, and he was the attacker. In this situation, the attacker strikes and next try to resist to the technique, tyring of course to keep his center and not just fight back, but moving the body to counter the applied technique.. so that tori has to find other options.

And.. it went very well!! It was fun, both as tori and next as uke. Even if I had never really practiced this active form, I managed to use both Aikikai movements, Tomiki avoidance and a good mix of techniques, with extensive use of atemi, 当て身.

The result of my graduation was then.. blue belt, 2.kyu, with quite great surprise from me! 😀

group picture


Not a fail!

22 05 2008

So funny!!!!

One of the funniest and most ironic blog I found.. ever..and of course it is based on pictures!!!

The FAIL Blog

Feel free to contribute if you get some “fail” shots 😉

521 – I love you!

21 05 2008

Some Chinese language, internet coding, today!

21st May = 05.21 = 521, numbers that in Chinese would sound like “wo ai ni” = I love you.. even if other people mean that 520 = I love you! 🙂

One example is this great page of Chinese chat codes, that should go together with my favorite page for learning Chinese that gives some help about how to pronounce the numerals!

Martial.. laugh!

21 05 2008

Daily video contribution from Jacqueline (in the picture wearing her national keikogi, 稽古着 😉 )

What’s better than a good laugh before graduation? Yeah.. Friday! Tomiki style grading for most of the people in the club! So relax now with this one:

Beach Volley!!!

20 05 2008

Today I reserved the tickets for the finals (men and women) of beach volley SWATCH tournament in Stavanger and in addiction also for 2 days of the eighth of finals of the beach volley tournament at Beijing Olympics, at Chaoyang Park, 朝阳公园.

Stavanger 2007 – Women final

Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
Jen Boss/April Ross, USA Tian/Jie Wang, CHN May-Treanor/Walsh, USA


FIVB UPDATE – In these days *my* beach volley girls are in Osaka, Japan, for the fourth tournament of this year and today the qualifications ended: from tomorrow, Main Draw with all 4 major Japanese teams.

Made in China!

19 05 2008

I want to thank you Mathias and Pedram for signaling to me respectively an interesting essay from Le Monde (in english!!) about Tibet: dream and reality and the following cartoon, that proves a point I made talking with friends some time ago! 😉

Yet another 17th of May..

18 05 2008

blu sky!..has passed, and again Norwegians have been lucky with the weather: the sun was shining in most part of Norway!

My national day started at a new lovely place, called Sjokolade-Piken, a paradise for great chocolate lovers here in Stavanger!

Next I moved to the center.

One of the reason that it is interesting to watch at least a little part of the parade in town is the Russ parade, the kids who are going to grade soon from the secondary school!

And in Stavanger it is always lovely to take a walk to Bjergsted for the multinational celebration of the very Norwegian national day! And the chance to meet some friends, like Jacqueline (with the Swiss national dress) and Jimmy (who was helping in the Vietnamese stand)..

Jacqueline and Jimmy

So hurra!! for Norway and for the good weather!!! And, anyway, the day ends always, every year, in the same way.. for some baby and some balloon..

the end..