Bike tour to Stavanger beaches!

30 07 2008

Bike tour to Stavanger beachesLast Sunday, in order to enjoy in some way the great weather and the bike I got from a good friend when he left Norway, I decided to visit another quite famous beach in Stavanger area, after having been in Møllebukta, the Swords in Rock monument location.

Bike tour to Stavanger beachesSo I biked to Sola beach, and it was not easy, both for wrong or confusing road signals (as if they were turned 180 degrees on the support pole!!), the heat and my not so great condition!! And it is not *that* close to Stavanger!! But that’s me, doing things without deep thinking or planning..

Bike tour to Stavanger beachesSola beach is really huge, with nice sand but I really like only one side, with rocks in the sea, and not too high concentration of people! Actually there is only one area that looks crowded, the one close to the main parking place and Sola beach hotel. But that area had some perks to offer to the eyes 😉 Nothing like Hawaii, but still not too bad!! 😛

On the way back from Sola beach I had to stop to catch some breath (yes, I was really really tired!!) at Møllebukta, sitting in the shadow of trees, on the grass, and enjoy the surroundings.. 😉

Bike tour to Stavanger beaches


Iaido practice at Vaulen!

28 07 2008

Iaido @ VaulenSorry for the delay in updating my blog but I have been a bit.. troubled.. in many different ways..

I want to show some pics of a really great outdoor practice at one of the local beaches in Stavanger,: Vaulen.

Bob and me took advantage of a great weather in order to swing a bit our swords on the grass, among a few curious people.

Maybe this week, just before my departure to Beijing, we will have a chance to practice again on the grass!! 😀

Chinese food

21 07 2008

yu xiang rou si-----鱼香肉丝Waiting for the 1st of August when I will start my long dreamed trip to China, I got some interesting pictures of Chinese food from Beijing restaurants, but not only.. also home made food, from my lovely Han Xu..

Of course, also from my previous visit to China, in Wenzhou (February 2007), I had a chance to take some shots of delicious Chinese food.. yeah, nothing to do with the local restaurants, as goos as they can be..

sheep brainWaiting to be able to improve my own sets of pictures, I found this great blog, HipFood, with wonderful pictures and recipes of Asian food!!! Maybe a bit less from the part of China I had and will visit, but quite a few about Cantonese specialities, like Dim Sum.

Among the delicious and interesting dishes, one can always find those a bit more.. uhm.. special.. like the sheep brain here on the side, or the duck lungs or these super funny shapes

It is true that on the net there are may places with great pictures of Chinese food and restaurant: I enjoy visiting And I hope that my re-organized collection about China.

But for Chinese people it is important to remember also that some foods should not be eaten together: there is a long list here, unfortunately, only in Chinese.. 😛

It means, we, Europeans, can keep eating as much as we want!!!!

Flooding Biella

12 07 2008

IMG_3959My last day in Biella, and this afternoon I have assisted to one of the biggest rain-thunder storm of my life! This must be the way that floods start! I was not yet born when in 1968 Biella suffered a terrible disaster, but from the little I could experience today, it is much easier to imagine how terrible it was then.. Local report said that in the afternoon storm 92 mm of rain fell down!!

IMG_3984Rain, hail, wind, thunder and lightning.. all together made quite dramatic my last afternoon in my hometown! And also blocked my father and me under some cover for the most of the day.. until we went home stepping through rivers of water.. bye bye shoes & socks! Why we did not take them off?? The color of the water was extremely crappy and we were not sure on what we were going to step.. so, better safe than sorry!!

merkley??? – girls & sofas

10 07 2008
merkley??? 111 book

merkley??? 111 book

Not so long ago I got the book of pictures realized by merkley???, an extremely interesting artist “met” on flickr.. Yeah, another one of the many I have been lucky so far to meet there!

111 – a taste and the story…

He is Not a Photographer.

He is much more than that, like other artist I really admire from flickr world, Ominous and River just more good examples.. examples of what I will never be able to do with my camera, and photoshop, and lack of imagination..

He can, he did it.. but do not lose time asking stupid questions (FAQ section).. do not waste his time especially.. time that can be used for more of his great works!

I posted here one of the few (if not the only) Asian looking girl in his collection, but all pages are worth time, time for all the details in there. Every page is a story: it’s up to you to write it, but you get quite a lot of inputs. I don’t know if it is the beginning or the end there.. I know that as for Clive Barker‘s Weaveworld there is a new story unfolding in front of you every time you turn a page.. like the magic world hidden in the weaves of the rug in Barker’s creation..

merkley??? - Birthday #41 Self-Portrait on Friday The 13th In Green Sharkskin, White Velcro Retard Sneaks & Eighties Golden Ray Bans In The Living Room On a Thronish Type Deal With Hundreds and Hundreds of Megapickles

merkley??? – Birthday #41 Self-Portrait on Friday The 13th In Green Sharkskin, White Velcro Retard Sneaks & Eighties Golden Ray Bans In The Living Room On a Thronish Type Deal With Hundreds and Hundreds of Megapickles,
by merkley???.

Aikido withdrawal

9 07 2008

Sverre throwing meOh my god!! It is summer time, and as experienced both in Trondheim and in Oslo, with holidays most people disappear from practice.. even if maybe they are still in town. I cannot find good excuses for not practicing when the weather sucks (quite a bit of ups and downs lately), but I haven’t been on tatamis doing some good Aikido for quite a bit now!!! 😦

I am in total withdrawal!!!!

Tonight I am flying to Biella, Italy, my hometown, for visiting my parents, therefore no practice for this week too.. and once back I will have to take some trips for work, before the big holidays trip to China!!! 😀

On the other hand, I am quite excited about visiting an Aikido club in Beijing: I found on the net info about Aikido Shudojuku dojo. Some of the people practicing/teaching there come from Christian Tissier Aikido school, and that is just perfect!!! Besides, they are French, ie. European! That will be probably good to hear a little English from time to time!

Ominous reading!

8 07 2008

[All the pictures in this post are from [ ” OMINOUS ” ] – please check there for info! He has copyrights on all the pictures here!! Take contact with him if interested in using his exceptional material!!]

Ahh.. now I have finished reading all the Chuck Palahniuk books present at Stavanger library! A tour de force that required a couple of literary breaks, with 2 new entries among the interesting writers I had a chance to read: Natsuo Kirino, suggested by a friend, and Cliff Burns.. with a special word about him later! 🙂 These books, actually all 7 of them, are well described by the visual work of my friend Ominous, that’s the reason of the title and the pictures. I love his work as I loved most I read in those books! This is 100% positive ominous good work.. if this adjective was ever used in this way!

S.I.L. - ChokePalahniuk OD because reading one after the other 3 of his books was not an easy task. Survivor, Choke and NonFiction. Three very different books. Maybe the first two more similar, but every Palahniuk story is a surprise. Or, better said, the last one, NonFiction, is quite different. You think that after so many books you could start guessing “what’s next..” but it reveals every time to be something different.. In Palahniuk story-telling what is not normal becomes absolutely normal.. even more you ask yourself why you never thought about that before, or why you thought as weird, maybe the first time you read it. It is weird.. but Palahniuk convinces you that it is not.

speakOUT - Out Out and Grotesque were the two Natsuo Kirino books available at the local library. She is probably one of the first really good harsh thriller female writer I have ever read. Psychological too, but in a totally different way than authors like Patricia Cornwell. A much better way, I would say, but this is my personal taste. At least for Out. Very strong and detailed descriptions of brutal crimes, emotions and situations that destroy normal lives and bring normal people in a tunnel from where it is more and more difficult to see the light. Out has more strong points than weak ones, Grotesque is the other way around, but both are worth reading! And the darkest roles are the female ones. There is the occasional yakuza, ヤクザ, type who behaves.. as the common yakuza kind.. still it is expected. All the rest isn’t!

eyec-u - Kept

Cliff left a comment on my 2007 yearly reading wrap-up and I really enjoyed his words, so I checked his blog and, surprised that a *real* writer did wrote on my blog, I purchased at once 2 books from Amazon: The Reality Machine and Righteous Blood. The Reality Machine gave me a sort of déjà vu feeling: I am pretty sure I have read some of the stories before! Some other stories reminded me of William S. BurroughsNaked Lunch. An interesting collection. Righteous Blood on the other hand is a two novel book: Living With The Foleys and Kept. The first one reminded me Ray Bradbury: it was a very strange feeling, since I haven’t read anything from Bradbury in years, but still that was what I thought about! And next came Kept.. and I stop thinking about anything else! Wow! Violence, creepy aspects of extravagant existences, like a place out of reality where an outsider get really really angry and decides to reset it.. bring it to a restart point.. where everything is dead except him.. A story were it is difficult to take a side and keep it for all its length. Who are the good ones? Who the bad ones? Are there? Are there in a jungle?

All the pictures of this post are from a great artist, a friend, that I was lucky enough to meet on Flickr: Antonio Ruiz, aka [ ” OMINOUS ” ] aka Yakuza Mexicano. He is living in Mexico City: he is a photographer and a genius digital visual artist.