To the Olympics!

1 08 2008

Finally ready, tonight around 6 pm I will board the first flight on my way to Beijing and to the Olympics!!!

I barely know what I can expect there.. I know that finally after almost two months I will hug again Han Xu and she will take me around one of the most famous city of the world!

But about the Olympics, I just saw a few pictures here and there and both the national stadium, the so called Bird’s Nest, and the swim arena, also called Water Cube, are amazing! Unfortunately I will be able only to see them from the outside..

Totally different story for the Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground, since for that I managed to get some tickets!!! 😀 Quite a conicidence that the company where Han Xu’s mother works, XG Lighting,  took care of lighting in beach volley park (and also in the Water Cube)

From tomorrow I will be able to upload pictures on Flickr and writing post on this blog from there!!

Beach volley Olympics tickets!!!



2 responses

1 08 2008
ibrahim binshahbal

nice article.


2 08 2008

God tur! 🙂


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