Beijing roast duck, 北京烤鸭

2 08 2008

First day in Beijing.. and everything was just GREAT!!!
Even the feared pollution level today was just fine, blue sky and no
problem at all for breathing!

Thanks to my lovely Han Xu and her great mother that drove us around all the evening, I had a chance to see quite a lot of the places that in the next days I will visit more attentively!

But all of this came only after a first taste of Beijing cooking.. maybe I should say the meal that most identify itself with Beijing: 北京烤鸭, Beijing kao ya, Beijing roast duck. And now I understand why people from Beijing (and China in general) say that you cannot really find a proper one outside China!!!
It was amazing and I had also a chance to taste duck liver pate’ and.. duck feet, probably steamed, eaten with a very good wasabi sauce.
And, last but not least, since I really loved it, duck hearts!!

For the duck we even got the certificate that says which animal was and the weight.

For tonight I only upload the delicious food pictures.. too tired for doing anything else, and we got already plans for tomorrow.. so, take a look later on..

Beijing roast duck – 08/2008