Merry Water World in Beijing

4 08 2008

In the last two days I enjoyed a very familiar life, something that a common tourist can probably forget! That was exactly what I was looking forward to experience!!

So Sunday I spent all the day together with Han Xu and her father and mother at Merry Water World, the largest indoor water park in Beijing. And it was indeed huge, with a bit of everything, from a large swimming pool good for playing the water, and different smaller pools with sort of Jacuzzi areas, a pool at 43 degrees Celsius, a couple of saunas at different warm levels and a wonderful stone floor area that was warmed and quite flat.. where I admit to have slept for about one hour!

The siesta came after a great hot pot lunch. Sorry, no pics of that, since the restaurant also was basically a part of the water park and we just went there in swim clothes. So, how did we pay, you wonder maybe? This was genial and easy: you get a bracelet like the one with the key for the changing room locker, but with a digital key. And that chip was valid for all, from the locker to registering the buying of swimm hat to setting a reference for paying the lunch at the end.

As new culinary experience, I tried duck blood mixed with tofu 🙂

Dinner was included in the price of the ticket (less that 150 RMB for all the day at the park dinner included) and it was a great buffet with several extremely yummy things!!!

Just before leaving the park, there was also a closing show: one very
high pressure pump was creating a water curtain and a projector used it as screen for a cartoon.. Great and funny idea.. the effect was ok.. unfortunately too much light in the building did not help (only the lights in the pool area went off) and the picture also could not really show the effect. But the idea was original!

Merry Water World in Beijing




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28 04 2010
German lady

I went there on Sunday, 25 April, 2010 at 12:00 h together with two girls, both 14 years old. It was not crowded, there were about 20 people only. We paid 168 RMB p.p., much more that stated in the Internet.
In the Internet the pictures were really beautiful but we all were very disappointed. The slides were closed. They open from 14 h-16 h.
The water was cold and dirty. I saw little bits and polystyrene in there. The pillars/steel girder were all rusty. The shower and the changing rooms are very spacious and clean but all in all this place is not in a good condition and cannot compete with any place in Germany. We left the building after 1 hour and won’t come back again.


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