KTV – Karaoke Experience!!

5 08 2008

Monday has been a mix of tourist-like day and not, with the evening visit of Tiananmen square. But before that I had another first-time experience: going to a real karaoke place, one of the many KTV centers in Beijing.

KTV has nothing to do with the Western idea of karaoke bar: here you get your private room, tv set and microphones. Rooms have different dimensions according to the number of people, and so the price is proportional. So for 3 hours we spend 50 RMB total (lunch buffet included!) and even if I did not sing (Beijing does not need that!!) I had a great time watching Han Xu and listening to her.. she has a wonderful voice and she also sang some Chinese songs that I really like, for example from Jolin (I earlier posted something about her).

Monday afternoon we went to an extra huge shopping center.. ok, a “normally” huge for Beijing and we watched “Kung-fu panda”, in English with Chinese subtitles! After that a good sushi in a place where there was the traditional “kaiten” version, ie. the band carrying around the small dishes with different variants.

KTV in Beijing – 08/2008



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