Tiananmen square by night!!

5 08 2008

The day ended with a nice stroll to and around Tiananmen square, 天安门, really full of people.. a normal evening for Beijing!
It was an amazing sight! I knew and got before the feelings of dimension: here everything is larger.. and Tienanmen square is a good example (and I hadn’t been yet in the Forbidden City.. wait for next post!! and pics!! 😛 ).

Very nice atmosphere with all these people (90% maybe Chinese) enjoying the arrival of a great moment for Beijing and enjoying there few symbols representing the Olympics.

A few comments from these first days, mostly not about what happens here but about what i read:

– I was expecting many more foreigners.. But athlets are maybe focused on training so they don’t go around.. and journalist.. are focused on.. athlets?? mmhh.. I have been a sport journalist myself.. if I was a journalist HERE I would be extra glad to have got a payed trip to visit this wonder!!

– I read from Italian newspaper about the terror attacks and it’s relation to Olympics.. and I think that the people killing other people 4000 km from here have reached their intent! Get a lot more of attention than they would otherwise get.. When Italian, American or whatever news have ever mentioned the problems of the muslim part of China? And for USA muslim are bad everywhere, except than in China? Here Chinese governement is to blame?? God, I hate this behaviour.. so typical of our Western media!!!

– Another thing I read was comments about these poor Chinese that they cannot ever see the skies and the stars in the night, said by some Italian athlete.. as if Rome, Milan for example (without talking about some German or American metropoly) are example of clean sky and environmental friendliness.. Not once you read a comment different from the stereotype.. In these few days I have seen blue sky as it is in Norway and grey sky as in European capitals in sumemr time, but these last days there has not been ANY problem at all regarding pollution levels!! These have been very lucky days!! Warm, hot, yes.. but everywhere (bus, subway, restaurants, etc..) there are fans (old models of bus and trains) or air condition. I do not think these poor athlets have to suffer the real bad bad Beijing weather..

– Last thing that pissed me off was the comment of an Italian politician (yeah, right.. idiots by definition, but still they talk publically) about his hope that Italian and not Chinese athlets will find some way pacific way to express their support for Tibet situation or the other “Chinese problems”.. because Italian politicians think to know about Chinese politics.. but apart from that.. if any of these athlets use bracelet with political slogans or use their blogs for that, I think they should be sent home! If they wanted to express opposition they should have not come here. But they are here especially for sponsors and medals, ie. MONEY!! Too easy after winning or partecipating doing something to show opposition! Go Home!!! And learn history maybe! And if you are Italian, think twice next election before voting again!!!

Tiananmen square – 08/2008




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