The big day!!!!

8 08 2008

8th of August.. I jump over 2 days of exploration that I will talk about later, of course!!

I have just finished watching the welcome ceremony where president Bush and Sarkozy were all cuddling with 胡锦涛, Hu Jin Tao, even hugging (the Amrican one) and all smile and double talk for the French one.. maybe they are afraid that China might really not care about what they think??

Yeah because lately it really seems that it is ok if not a honest act write the possible shit about China and the olympics, forgetting what the Olympics are about..

Leave the fucking politics out!!!

Italian internet newspapers, 2 that I really liked, are terrible! I promise myself to not read them in the morning anymore (Chinese morning). They put bad thoughts and rage in my mind.. all these shitty so called journalist and even more shitty so-called sport (or ex-sport) people.. that are truly spitting in the dish from wherethey eat.. and they are eating quite well!!!

This is a post of rage.. the last one I hope: I’m pretty sure that if I avoid reading these stupid non-sense I will feel better, leaving in first person and not following these media, even worse than the Chinese politically correct ones!! Because these media are the ones that make wars!! If something will happen they will say: “we knew.. it’s your fault” and they will be happy! I wish the worst to these people! With all my heart..

Daily comment of Olympics related news read on the net:

* My new HERO: Antonio Rossi, already a sport hero, and big hope for gold medals, he finally said what every athlets here should say.. this is sport, leave politics out!!! not like the idiot below.. it’s them destroying the spirit here!!

* Mennea is an idiot.. not a little one, I mean, he is a first class moron! shithead, idiot, imbecil.. piece of shit.. and ignorant, and that is the worst maybe. Mennea has been a very good Italian athlete and quite good at a mondial level with a record on 200 m run that has been undefeated for a long time (SINCE, remember, it was made at mountain level, somewhere in south or central america.. do not remember where!). Anyway, the above mentioned idiot, since being forgotten for such athletes is a very bad thing, had to open his mouth and say something to attract attention again, said that the idea of the Olympics in Berlin and Beijing (does he hate all cities starting with B? Bergamo and Bari included?) is close to the word… genocide..Yes, you read correctly.. Now, I like to know what I am talking about and internet is a good help for knowing the meaning of the words.. He adds that it is a very politiced game this year.. forgetting maybe Atlanta, when it was stolen from Greece for 2000 and given to Coca Cola.. what about this? Furthermore, not happy, he continues that giving the games to such a country means approving their politics.. Does he forget again.. USA?? Japan??
I know the meaning of every single word I use! A difference from you, right???
And talking about genocide, what about the killing of Japaj in Manchuria and China?? hundreds of thousand and Japan never apologized.. THIS is genocide!!! And they got the olympics..
And what about the 2 nuclear bomb in Japan “made in USA”?? And they got Olympics and probably you lick the ass of USA dollars..
2 easy example for your limited mind..
I repeat, for clearence: