Lama temple, 什刹海

9 08 2008

6 August: we went to the Lama temple, 雍和宮 (Yong He Gong), in the morning and in the late afternoon we met a common friend who also studies in Stavanger, Carolina, and we had a great walk, dinner and lake tour in the area 什刹海(Shi Cha Hai).

The temple is amazing.. again!
I experienced the buddhist prayer, the incense offers (9 incenses or 3.. we got a big bunch of them at the staggering price of 10 RMB), the smoke, the food offers to the different deities.
Really a nice experience.. great feelings! Vibes!!

A first taste of the picture I took there it is available at Lama temple set.. a few more to be edited before posting.. yeah, contrast and saturation levels especially!

About the evening in Shi Cha Hai area.. uhm.. you will have to wait.. yesterday I went to bed at 4 am (Beijing time), today I prefer earlier!!!

About a previous post, finally all the pics from the Forbidden City are uploaded in this set!! Enjoy!!! I have problems to discard some pictures: it is anyway impossible to try to give an idea how huge and touching is the place!!

I decided also to post something about the day I write (since there is this couple of days lagging, that is only meant to increase!!).

Today, August 9th, I finally had DOG MEAT!!!!!! I know, I know, so many friends would hate me.. but first think about how our cooking might seem strange to foreigner. And my eating code is tasting all that a country may offer, weird or “impossibly disgusting”..
So, dog meat: it was cut very thin and steamed. It had a spicy and garlic tomato paste with it. I admit it was not that tasty. Good, but not a strong flavour.

Just before that I had also an acupuncture and cupping session in a special pharmacy of natural products and treatments. It was very good! I miss the acupuncture sessions I had in Trondheim! And the cupping was interesting and fairly painfull!!! 🙂

I read about 5 idiots protesting against China in Tiananmen square: if I saw them I would have been the one callnig the police!! One German, 3 Americans and 1 Canadian.. and only for the latter country I cannot remember any reason to laugh about them.. German and American should just keep on apologizing to Hebrew, Vietnamese, Iraki, Afghanistan people.. ok, the list is too long..
I do not read any comment about Russian bombing Gerogia or the killing over there: in 24 hours more death then in Tibet in.. years!!!
But Italian politician are too fucking coward to say something against friend-Putin, another of the bad guys around!
Idiots against China, go to Georgia.. if I’m lucky you’ll end up under some Russian bomb, with all my hate!




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