Olympics 2008 – opening ceremony

9 08 2008

Good luck Beijing!!!

I have watched the opening ceremony of the XXIX Olympics in Beijing, China together with Han Xu and her mother.. sitting at dinner table (home made dumplings, super yummmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!) and watching from the TV. All the pictures come from that, I took photos of the TV-screen!

And I remembered why I had never watched before the complete ceremony: it lasts ages!!!! I read now that there were 204 countries.. and I knew China was the last.. I did not know that Italy was among the last 10 or something like that!!!

I read also that Italian athlets wrote a message, a joke, on an Italian flag and one of the terrible internet newspaper that I used to like write that it is a mistery why it has not been shown worldwide.. Why?? Because of idiots like people working for these newspapers one never know which message could have been written there, since it was in Italian and they could not really understand that!! Olympics is about sports, not the messages that many politicans asked athlets to send during the games. So, there is your answer, idiot journalist, was it that difficult? AHHHH… Why they try always to make problems??

Back to important things..

I really liked the show even if I think it was a bit long, but the time was the same as for the previous editions. I hope that the western editions had a bit more explanation of what was going on.. in the proper language!!! My “version” was Chinese 100% with little help by the people here.. so I sat back and enjoyed the show! For my personal taste, there could have been a bit more of tai chi movements and less singing!! 😉

Have a look, but use the detail view of the set, because the TV screen photos do not have a good resolution when watched too close!!

Good luck China!! Good luck Beijing!!!




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