Family dinner

10 08 2008

For the day, 10 August, tonight I had a MEGA dinner together with a good part of Han Xu family: uncle, aunt, cousin, grandmother, mother.. and Han Xu herself, of course!

The dinner was amazing, with a lot of new dishes, again! All of them ranging from OK to extremely good!! Among the weird ones, this time, some soft tofu (very good) and a sheep soup, with meat and all the interiors of the sheep.. extremely strong taste! Next I love the sweets, especially if based on red beans.. but here sweets and not are all served together so the tastes mix a bit!

Olympic facts: the Dream Team is back!!! I just saw them destroying (+30) a very good China able to resist one quarter. China is indeed very interesting: an amazing good percentage in 3 points shots, especially when the match had still a meaning. And a couple of players, besides Yao Ming, that can really play a good basketball.

I watched also China football team losing against Belgium, possible next opponent of Italy.. and I wonder:
Maybe for bullshit political reasons..
China ended up in 9 men, 2 red cards, where especially the second has been a great combination of naivety of Chinese players, good tricks and experience of Belgian (attention Italians!!!) and very bad judgement of the referee!! Also the first red card, not a scandal, but still, given the importance of the match, a bit too fast!
Next quite a few decision by all the three referees has been clearly against China.. and Belgium team is HORRIBLE!! They managed to close the match far too laste, 11 against 9 they took abnormal risks.. god, they really suck!!!

Besides that I read from a sport comment on Italian internet newspaper (yeah, still one of the two major) and still the idiot journalist managed to fill in complains toward organization:

* the technology is not good enough because in the Olympic village internet connection is not as good as in Italy.. mmhh… I am in a private home of an average Chinese family, and I cannot complain.. but even if internet in China has some problems from time to time (it is well known) saying that the technology is therefore at a bad level is.. STUPID!! Italian stupidity is back! Oh yeah!!!

* not enough taxi in the night (really??) and not enough taxi driver that can speak english.. Yes! This still comes from an ITALIAN newspaper!! I think all the foreigners that visited Italy know about the sameproblem, and trust me, Italian to English is ont such a great step as Chinese to English, but still not so many Italians have learned enough.. And not enough taxi?? Take the subway!! Great service, with a lot of new messages and screen with ENGLISH, all done for the Olympics!! GOD.. I HATE SO MUCH THESE JOURNALISTS! I love to destroy their myths.. a pity none of their readers visit my blog 😉

At the end congrats to China for the many gold medals.. so happy!!!
And congrats to ITALY for the few but good medals too!! 1 gold finally (after an unexpected defeat in swimming and women gymnastic 😦 )



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