Shi Cha Hai area

10 08 2008

6 August – part 2: in the late afternoon Han Xu and me met a common friend who also studies in Stavanger and also comes from Beijing: 胡烯伟 (Hu Xi Wei, aka Carolina, being her English name so much easier for me!! 😉 ).

We met at the northern part of Hou Hai and we had a nice walk, dinner and lake tour in the area 什刹海 (Shi Cha Hai).

Always great the food in any restaurant tried until now.. I was only surprised that we managed to finish all!! Here the great thing with food is that if you don’t finish you just ask the restaurant for some boxes to take the remanent food home!

After dinner also Li Na, Han Xu mother joined us and they decided to take a little boat for a lake tour.. and they picked a pedalo’.. so I did the gentleman thing and sat on the pedal side together with Han Xu, who unfortunately had not understood that if we were not both working the pedals it was the hell of a work for me.. and if fact I started immediately puffing and sweating.. let’s say it was not my ideal after-dinner occupation, especially not after that dinner! Luckily after a change of seats, when we got back to the pedals she started helping more and it was much better!! Much more enjoyable!



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