12 08 2008

Hi folks!!
Do not despear.. I haven’t posted in the blog and in Flickr for a couple of days, but it does not mean that I haven’t taken new pics!!!
It’s just that we are getting up quite early for activities, and in these last couple of days I felt quite heavily the weather..
Maybe not so much yesterday, 11 August but it had been a long day of walking around Beijing zoo. Here there is only a small preview of the future pics, and what better than starting with lovely Panda?? 😉 The Chinese name of panda is 熊猫, xiong mao, literally “bear cat”.. lovely!!!

Today, 12 August on the other hand I felt really hot!!! Every step I had to clean my face from liters of sweat!! I see now that the weather forecast for tomorrow is rain and not too warm.. I hope in the second.. 🙂

Today also we had quite a walk in Bei Hai park, a lot of staircases, quite steep ones.. and all of them very sun exposed!!!

Anyway, in less than a week we will be back in Norway (I see that in Stavanger it is raining or it is cloudy..) and I am very much afraid I will not manage to visit some of the major places in Beijing. The Great Wall is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, with Han Xu’s mum that will take us by car (yeah, it is not really *in* Beijing!!).

Time to sleep now!!!

Ciao ciao.. sorry.. Zai Jian, 再见!!!




One response

13 08 2008

Very nice pic’s. It it the kong Fu Panda?! 🙂
See you. Take care.


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