Beihai park map & Huan Huan

13 08 2008

(Please pardon my grama mistakes.. a different keyboard, early hours and a thousand degrees messed me up a bit these days 😉 and with Notepad in Chinese I can’t find any corrector!!)

Today post is related to a blog of one of *those* journalists that today says something really amazing!!! No politics, just.. a weird comment from someone that should have a lot of experience from here..

Beppe Severgnini is famous for a blog about Italian people living abroad. He has been in Beijing many times, he says. And today among other things, he is complaining (Italian) that he cannot find enough Olympics gadgets (but I think he means souvenirs).

OH MY GOD!!!!! That is so funny for me!! 😀

I have been here 10 days and every time Han Xu and me visit a new place, attraction, park, museum, anything, the fisrt thing that she points out for me it is a shop selling Olympics souvenirs!!!!!!

Today, 13 August we have been to a place called World Park (where they have made reproduction of important world sites) and next to a park called Ditan Park: in both places there were at least 2 shops for fuwa (friendlies) related things!

Other places, maybe with the only exception of Forbidden City, ALL have souvenirs shops!!!! Just to mention a few of those I visited: Water World, Zoo, Aquarium, any shopping center, especially in Wan Fu Jing road, Bei Hai park (today picture shows the map at the entrance of the park: notice Huan Huan in the middle and there were many small shops with Olympics souvenir everywhere!), every small shop street sells souvenirs (they appear everywhere among the “normal” ones!)..
Actually, I was thinknig now about Forbidden City: there is a place about in the middle where we bought ice creams and I am pretty sure Han Xu showed me there too some Olympics “gadgets”..

Han Xu is sleeping now, but that will be the first thing I will tell her tomorrow morning: good to start a day with a good laugh!!! 😀



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