Storm at the Summer Palace

14 08 2008

Today, 14 August we visited the Summer Palace, 颐和园 (Yi He Yuan) and we had a bit of a wet day!!! Yeah, remember the shoes after the storm in Biella? Same shoes, same or even worse storm, since we had a bit more smaller cover, with a bit more people!!! 😦
I start thinking those shoes are a bit of a bad luck!!! 🙂

So we started the visit of Summer Palace in a bit of a cloudy day, where the forecast announced light rain.. and for about 20 minutes we have been blocked in a quite small pavilion (Pavilion of Mesmerizing Scenery) because of a sudden and scaring storm! Maybe, for us at least partly cover (the construction was open on 2 sides and really really crowded), there was not so much fear, but many boats have been surprised when still in the lake, and most of them were pedalo’ ones, no motor.. I took a short and bad quality video, just look the waves toward the end. Actually these 2 guys have been fished out from the lake after their boat tipped over.

After the main shower (with extremely strong wind), both Han Xu and me were soaked to the bone.. but we still spent the day in the park..

About Summer Palace: it is just GORGEOUS! (Not all the pics have been uploaded yet) I have been really amazed.. and we managed to visit only two thirds with the time (and energies) we had.. Given that Forbidden City is majestic, I think that as an emperor I would have loved Summer Palace. It must be remembered that the “palace” had been destroyed by French and English once and next by other forces, so we see now only the last reconstruction, from 1902.

Just the names (English translations!!) of the different location in Summer Palace huge area are an unforgettable experience.. A few examples: Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, Natural Affinity of Water and Trees, Garden of Harmoniuos Interests, Hall of Happiness and Longevity, Abode in Clouds and Pines, Heart Purifying Pavilion, Hall of Serenity, Hall of Outmost Blessing.. and many many others..

This is a place I will visit again, for sure!!!

Just out of curiosity, since yesterday I opposed Severgnini (a well known Italian journalist-bloggist from Corriere delle Sera) thesis that one cannot find “gadgets” in Beijing, today I actually took pictures of Olympics souvenirs shops, in Summer Palace park! We managed to pass only 3 of the 6-7 gates, and, not a surprise for me, everywhere there was a stand for official Olympics things!!! QED, Mr. Severgnini!!! ;-)

Another Olympic note, to the Swedish wrestler that lost against the Italian one (maybe I’m too patriottic): he behaves bad with him and bad at the medal ceremony.. and the Nordic people (Swedish, Danish and Norwegians) always consider themselves the perfect example of honesty and respect toward the rest of the world.. Exactly like this, right? We Italians have football memories about the honesty of SWE and DAN.. but we have done the same too.. At least, we, Italians, win on self-irony level and we never thought we can teach the rest of the world the meaning of the word “respect”..

Ah, I love Nordic countries!!! 😉

PS Tomorrow evening it will start my Olympics: 韩旭 and I will go to watch beach volley, women eigth of finals.. and we will assist to China, Brasil, Norway and other top teams!! So cool!!!!! 😀



One response

19 08 2008

Impressionante, non c’è dubbio.

Immagino che le scarpe le terrai come cimelio ma, alla fine, hai deciso se le metterai di nuovo?

Tanti saluti da Lussemburgo (Italia/Treviso in questo momento )e buona continuazione.




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