Keep on dreaming..

25 08 2008

Yesterday the Olympics in Beijing closed with a ceremony that many people and media liked very much. I saw it from my home in Stavanger, and I also like it very much! And I felt so sad, at the same time..

Han Xu and I came back from Beijing last Tuesday but I can say that even if I had already started working and practicing Aikido and meeting the friends and colleague here, this wonderful Beijing holidays got to an end only yesterday, when I saw the closing ceremony.

But I want to keep on dreaming, and I know I will visit Beijing again, for doing the many things I had no time now. And there will be more visits of China and the other wonderful places in East and South Asia that I want to see, soon!! Possibly with local friends showing me around!! 🙂

Today, also, it is the first official practice open to beginners at Stavanger Aikido club, our new and unique Aikido reality present now in Stavanger!

Thanks to Jacqueline and Bob especially for the great work done on and off the mats!

This is the first step of a common dream, the dream to practice Aikido together with nice people interested mainly just in practicing, learning, improving this wonderful Japanese martial art! People that I hope will find in our new dojo a good place to meet and build something together! Dream and experience!




2 responses

25 08 2008

Good to have you back too, Andrea! I’m looking very much forward to this season!


26 08 2008

Looking forward to visiting you in October 😉


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