Japan, I’m coming!!!

27 09 2008

Saturday, 11 am: Stavanger – Oslo – Copenhagen – Narita Tokyo!!!!

It will be for me, the real first trip to Japan, even if in the past I have been already in Tokyo.. It is quite weird, when people ask me if I have already been in Japan, my answer is never very clear.. being the past very dark in my thoughts..

But as said, the previous experience even being for the major a bad story of deceiving and betrayal against myself (and thievery unfortunately), I brought back great memories too from Japan, and a constant love and interest in visiting the country of Aikido again.. my first Asian love!

Now, of course, my love is stronger about China and Han Xu, but Japan is always there, on my mind!

And today, my trip starts.. or ends maybe..

Tomorrow, when we will land in Narita, I will be probably able to close 5 years after (almost same period) a chapter of my life, and start writing a new one.. It is even more special that in this trip there will be some people that shared my “experience” last time, from Norway, by email.. but now we will be there together..

Ganbatte to me then.. I am very excited, and nervous!!! 😀


Interview on Aikido.no!

17 09 2008

Erlend Lillebø

Thanks to Erlend Lillebø, there is an interview of Bob and me on Aikido.no homepage, about Aikido in Stavanger, past and present..

We will write a bit more about the history and evolution of Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido environment, but as a first introduction, and a few information about Bob and myself, the interview is a very good start!!!

For the future of Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido, we need support from all of you, my friends!!!

Shopping, hutong and spicy food!

4 09 2008

Hutong, 胡同, in Beijing7 August: Chinese S. Valentine day, a day dedicated to shopping, both window and actual one! And for this we visited Wang Fu Jing Road, 王府井大街, a great road with huge shopping centers everywhere, and extra convenient smaller shops. In one of these shops, rather then the more fancy (and touristic malls) I bought most of the presents I brought back, plus a little one for Han Xu 🙂

On the way to Wang Fu Jing we walked through a hutong, 胡同, area.. and there were flags everywhere, being one day only before the start of Beijing Olympics!! Red of the wonderful doors, all different, as the stones on the steps and the top tree shapes, over the doors.

In the evening, dinner with Han Xu and her mother Li Na in a popular area famous for spicy food.. ohhhhh.. I am still burning!!! Many restaurants, all with bright red lanterns that illuminates the night. This strong red light can give an idea about the kind of food you are going to eat: like an inferno of fire, all the different restaurants have an almost equal menu, offering a great selection of meats and fishes in spicy and hot sauces. I’m not so used to this food, but thanks to several glasses of good Chinese beer, I could try a bit of everything.. all great as usual!!

Now I wish I had eaten more 🙂

Hot & spicy

Samurai showdown

2 09 2008

Thanks to Sverre, AikiCool, a nice sword video:

The sword technique shown are from Obata Toshishiro sensei teachings of Shinkendo school.