Aikido at Jūshinkan

31 10 2008

Finally I did post on Flickr the pictures from the seminar here at Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido dojo!!

Now I only have a few thousands pictures more from China, Japan and a great stencils and street art weekend here in Stavanger..


Group pciture


Jūshinkan calligraphy!

27 10 2008

Calligraphy from SverreAs a side story related to the successful Aikido seminar with Ulli Kubetzek here in Stavanger last weekend, I prefer to focus the post on my blog to the great present received by a great friend: Sverre, from Trondheim Aikido dojo.

He gave us a Japanese calligraphy of Jūshinkan, in three different versions. as shown below. He purchased this wonderful calligraphy while we were in Kii-Tanabe. The calligraphy is executed by Futaba sensei.

Jūshinkan calligraphy

Aikido Enbukai in Tanabe City!

20 10 2008

One of the main events of the 10th International Aikido Federation Congress in Tanabe City was the international demonstration, enbukai, that took place Saturday 11th October at Kumano Hongu Shrine.

90 seconds of exhibition in front of dōshu, Moriteru Ueshiba, 植芝 守央, and most of the Aikido shihan, 師範, and a few of hombu dojo instructors, together with a quite vast audience from all over the world.. 90 seconds that when you sit in front of television are nothing, but when we were sitting in seiza just waiting for our own demo time, they seemed so long!!

Norwegian Aikido group demostration (thanks to Bob for the video):

The main difference from all the other countries was that we did not have any extremely high graded person on the mats and we changed tori, 取り, and uke, 受け, after few techniques for each partner, in a more classical training way.

The six Norwegians couples were: Kai-Harry and Knut, Kamilla and Eivin, Sverre and me.

Among the other demonstrations, one of the most interesting and entertaining was given by the group from Chile, with sensei Jorge Rojo, 6.dan:

My home pc, the laptop that suffered already 2 crash, yesterday stop working.. again.. Since I experienced problem uploading from Linux environment of my new mini laptop for traveling, I do not know when I will be able to update Flickr and the pictures from China and Japan.. damn it!

Lufthansa nightmare

16 10 2008

..or in other words, back in town, dudes!!

Yes, yesterday it was the day of the return to Norway: Osaka – Frankfurt.. 6 hours break.. Stavanger, using Lufthansa flights. I was actually glad of a change after many trips with SAS, and especially one very very unlucky, after my first trip to China..

I admit that Lufthansa beats SAS about beverages: with the Germans you can have as much beer as you want, wine too, but dosed in glasses, and they got also a couple of super-alcoholic drinks (Cognac and Baileys). The wine unfortunately was quite warm (coming from normal 75 cl. bottles) and not so good. The Germans gave more choice in the food menu too: one western and one Japanese.. I took twice the Japanese and Bob one and one (lunch and early dinner, both with warm serving!): a pity to say that the warm plate sucked in both versions, while SAS warm meal was quite good!

The TV on Lufthansa seemed a wonderful improvement with respect to SAS quite poor system (of course I only talk about Economy class, for both flights): the movie of choice was starting independently on every TV screen, so every person was in total control of the video set. On SAS Economy the movies start all together for the all the videos, so during the long flight, more than ones it happens that you watch movies from half way through.

So why a nightmare?

Except for the food and wine (I switched to beer after two glasses of wine), the real problem came with the TV sets: many of the videos crashed! Quite a few, like mine and Bob’s set, died after a few hours from departure, leaving us to 8 hours of screen flickering between the blue screen of death and a grey background.. So that we had to cover the video with dark advertisement pages from the fly company magazine. And, of course, we had to drink more for not getting too pissed!! A pity.. we could have enjoyed more, and drinking the same!

When landed in Frankfurt, even with a long time to wait, we were both too tired to go to the city, so we just found quite confortable chairs and dozed off until our flight time..

So we are back in Stavanger, the weather sucks big time, but we have been lucky in Japan. It’s cold, this early morning when I took the bus to work I froze to the bones. Time to change clothes.. no chance in swimming in the sea, like we did in Tanabe!

I got thousands of pictures to edit, organize and upload, both from China (still, yeah) and Japan.. Actually even from a weekend of stencils and street art here in Stavanger..

No promises.. I’ll manage soon or later to get even 😉

For some things, though, it is good to be back.. 😀


9 10 2008

Finally in this little place called Tanabe, birth place of O`Sensei, we found an amazing confortable internet place.. unfortunately quite a long way from our hotel, but on the same road of the 24 hours open laundry.. so good for waiting while the keiko gi get washed!!!

Today it was one of the hardest days, but I am quite proud to say I have survived a head breaking throw from Isoyama sensei, even if my glasses ended their fly a few meters from my body.. at least my body came out in one piece!!! But the week is toward the end and I am quite happy.. the bosy is feeling pain in several places (together with the wrist injured I bring along from the second day at Hombu dojo, “thanks” to an effective sankyo from Masuda sensei).

Tomorrow anyway there are 3 senseis I want to practice with: Endo sensei, Asai sensei and Tada sensei.. Saturday Aikido international demostration and sunday doshu practice, 2 hours of last pain in a sport hall far too small for the 600 foreigners alone, therefore a crowd hell for the 1200 total partecipants to IAF meeting!! 😦

Anyway, you can see below Stavanger Aikido instructors in front of a great O`sensei statue in Tanabe!
Stavanger Aikido at O`sensei statue

About Isoyama sensei (he did on me one ai hanmi katatedori iriminage):

Tokyo, Aikido and more Aikido!!!

1 10 2008

I have been in Tokyo now for almost 4 days and this is the first post, with very few pictures uploaded.. I apologize to my friends reading the blog, but, trust me, I am so tired every evening.

The normal day schedule opens with doshu morning class at 6:30 (all Hombu Dojo sessions last 1 hour) and next it is followed during the day by two other sessions, proposed by Erik in a way to practice with all the different shihan during this week.

I have also experienced many problems in uploading pictures to Flickr, problem that I finally started solving today with uploading by email.. so boring.. just because my new fancy mini super nice laptop has Linux installed and the Linux uploader is not really working properly..

But but.. now I know what to do.. so, some pictures will come!!!