Thanks my friend!

22 12 2008

Crappy period for “broken heart” reasons.. that i should rather call 心碎 or “hjertesørg” given the nationalities of the people involved.. in my language I would call it: “inkulata galattica” 😉

..but among the many great words from friends close and far..

..Svein, who is sharing Aikido passion with me, also has a music passion in common (named Metallica) and sent me the video version of most of my thoughts and feelings..


Kenya – Lamu – 08/2005

16 12 2008

My picture has been blogged on a very nice site about travel, HappyTellus:

Information on Lamu

Yeah, I’m ..AikiDude.. also on Flickr now!!! 😀

Forbidden Eye

15 12 2008

I used to see myself reflected in a similar eye..

But it does not happen anymore..

It did not happen for a long time and I grieve..

It will not happen for a long time and I grieve..

I wait the time we can meet again, and talk again, and start building up something again.. because I gave a lot and I do not believe that she just played or faked all with me..

I do not want to believe that all meant nothing..

We have no future as a couple, she says.. I will accept that completely.. soon.. but there are different futures..

..and after having seen myself in those wonderful black wells I cannot see a future without her in some ways in my life..

..until then,

我是意大利鬼子 – do not be a stranger, 傻旭

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Don’t play with Chinese!

10 12 2008

I mean, Chinese language!! I do not play anyway with Chinese people! I might have been played by some of them though, but that’s another story..

..ok, in truth, I am playing a bit now! But this is maybe only 5% of my real feelings.. for the 95% there is time! And most of the rest are great memories! 谢谢, 傻旭 🙂

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Norwegian Aikido in Tanabe!

8 12 2008

Thanks to Erlend, now there is another version of the Norwegian Aikido demonstration in Tanabe at IAF Seminar 2008 (better seen in full screen mode):

The same video is also available on pages!!!

And it goes together with the version that Bob took with my camera, a bit more focused on Sverre and me (we are both aiming at nidan this coming year.. or so, so we need to check ourself!!) 😉

Coffee meets milk

5 12 2008
ice coffee...with or without?

ice coffee…with or without?,
by woolloomooloo.
copyright © woolloomooloo / woolloomooloosky

Today I post this nice picture of a Flickr friend as an excuse to add a link to an amazing gallery from Irene Müller, straordinary artist of details, that catch my full attention in the set:

Milk Meets Coffee