2009 predictions

4 01 2009

As last year, random order (bold for new 2009 predictions):

  • 10% of resolutions will become true..
  • the world will not be a better place, it won’t be cleaner, it won’t have less wars, it won’t give more profound values to the new generations
  • Italian politics will still suck
  • catholic church will still not recognize unmarried couples, not approve use of condoms for limiting AIDS (only celibacy) and not try to take a step in modern times
  • I will not lose my pessimistic/realistic nature
  • I will meet new interesting people
  • I will work hard for my nidan.. if I’ll get it or not I guess it will depend also on sensei..
  • I’ll try to not remain stuck in the past, but I know I will not manage.. not completely..
  • I will travel, back to China, even without love as a reason..
  • I will go to Endo sensei Aikido seminar in Shanghai
  • I will be in love.. even just for a couple of days and I will get my heart broken again, for some new chick.. even for just a couple of days! 😉



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