I want a girl!!!

4 01 2009

I want a girl that can talk for hours of her things, not noticing that she lost me in the first ten minutes, but she can stay assured that I will follow as best I can and answer here and there and comment properly.. I love to listen to my girl talking, no matter what..

I want a girl that can listen to me at least 10 minutes, pretend to be interested, ask me with some feelings how my day was and caring for no more than 10 minutes about my talk.. I am a great listener, but I like to talk also a bit and see some interest in my girl eyes..

I want a girl that show some interest in what I do or love, before I met her: she might hate it or not approve it, but a few things in my life are extremely important, I can, with time, learn to dedicate less time to them but I do not want that she hates them.. more we can share more we will make strong our relationship.. we will both make compromises..

I want a girl that looks amazing in jeans but that loves also to wear nice clothes and mix and loves to tell me how to improve my not existent fashion mind.. I like so much to see my girl different clothe, when she wears them, when she takes them off, when she looks at new ones, when she puts away the old ones..

I want a girl that attracts me at once, something must click the very fist moment I see her.. it is not only about beauty: probably until my last love, most of my past girlfriends were not defined pretty according to general standards..

I want a girl that is not afraid to enjoy food, not difficult for trying new stuff, not afraid when in front a new dish for the first time, but interested in giving at least one try, not afraid to make a mess of herself when eating greasy and difficult dishes.. I love watching my girl eating and enjoying food, not afraid of the weight she might gain..

I want a girl that loves to take pictures, that owns her own camera or if not she will try to take pics with my camera, pics of everything around her, pics of herself, and from time to time pics of me and us.. photography is one of my main interests, and sharing this interest with my last girl has been perfect!

I want a girl that offers to pay me lunch, dinner, trips or things, even if I will almost never let her paying for me.. a thought, a small present, little things are the most relevant for me.. I never cared too much about money for the person I love, even if she has done the worst to push me away..

I want a girl that pushes me to change, both my personality, my appearance, myself, in a way that both can appreciate more, but without expecting an immediate change..  I am an old elephant with old habits that unfortunately take some time to be changed.. I am working on that, for love, for reason, for life.. I am learning to be more patient but sometimes I need a more active presence in my life, pushing but also being there when I need it..

I want a girl that is not ashamed to be seen around with me, even if I am not Justin or a hot 22 years old, that is not afraid to go dancing with me, or go drinking, and does not think that I will make her appear bad in public.. I can behave, I am house trained, and surprise surprise thanks to my last girl I am even improving a bit in the way I appear..

I want a girl interested in Asia, like I am.. if Asian herself.. wow.. but not necessary, I am not *that* single minded.. she must be interested in traveling, in exploring East Asia, and South East Asia, and opening up to a different culture without fears.. I tried and I will keep on trying to open myself to the different culture, Chinese and Asian cultures, I lately fell in love with, but I need help! And patience!

I want a girl that is not afraid to behave very goofy or silly when we are alone, that is not afraid to show me her feelings, that is not afraid to know my feelings and is not afraid about my being goofy or silly.. I want a real girl, with all her good and bad sides: I take all!


if you are somewhat similar to this girl, and interested in a middle age man (boy!), little (very?) fat, little (very?) ugly, very (little?) crazy, leave a comment here (it will not be published unless expressively asked), remember to write your email (never published! but a real one 😉 )..

How do I look like? Uhm, yeah, that’s the main point.. let’s say right now I am more like this (the famous “cut” from the past), but the hair will grow back, I hope.. and soon I will be again like this or even better this..

I want a girl, but even if I am not anymore (according to many) a young hot boy, I do not feel I need a girl!!! Surely, I do not want to sleep alone all the future (Norwegian) cold nights ;-P

COPYRIGHT NOTE Some rights reserved. Publication of my stories can be done only after obtained written permission by me. Leave a comment with your email address (it will remain private) and I will take contact at once 😀 and I will be very happy!

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