Farewell dear uncle Gianni!

27 04 2009

I have just learned, by sms since I was traveling to France for work, that my uncle Gianni (husband of my father’s sister), has passed away after a terrible disease.

Last time I saw him was Christmas 2008, in Biella, and the disease was already taking a terrible token..

No time to add more now..

Pictures later, he would appreciate..


Chinese food – part 2

23 04 2009

Finally I have uploaded most of the food pictures from this last trip to China!

Of course, I have still tons of not food related pics, but I had to start somewhere, right? 😀

Natural update from a previous post!

Drunken shrimps

22 04 2009

drunken shrimps

Originally uploaded by ..AikiDude..

My first time ever to eat something alive!!

Tiny shrimps in a sauce made with wine: that’s why they are “drunk” and you can pick them up on the chopsticks and eat them!

In Chinese they are called 醉虾, zui xia.

Powerful Muse

16 04 2009

Full of energy.. too much maybe because of the jet-lag 😉

I am going to Stockholm this weekend: it was supposed to be Christian Tissier seminar, but it was next canceled for his personal reasons.. so I will stay and practice at Vanadis dojo!

Good for me, anyway, since both Jorma Lyly and Jan Nevelius are two of my great “Aikido-muse”.. inspirations!! 😀 And Aikido is so relaxing when done properly, with good instructors!!!

traffic...... stress......UNRELATED COMMENT
My blog, and therefore WordPress, is now visible in China too!! It seems that the banning has been lifted, I hope permanently! Apparently it was part of the Great Firewall of China. It was good when I was in China, to be able to open the dashboard too, not only trying to upload something (little) from flickr!!

Shanghai.. I’m in love!!!

10 04 2009

Not much more to add.. apart that after Ningbo I met another splendid new person, known until now only via flickr..

She was so nice today and I’m happy to say I’ll meet her again tomorrow!

Check the link above to her pics.. and besides, she was already among my angels

Hangzhou – West Lake

7 04 2009

Guys, yes, I’m still alive but I cannot say internet in the hotels has improved after my first visit, in Wenzhou 2007.. 😦

So I managed finally to upload ONE small size picture from West Lake in Hangzhou..

Let’s see if I can blog it 😉

Hangzhou was nice thanks to Xu Yu (Tara), friend met in 2007..

Now in Ningbo and the first night has been GREAT thanks to a new friend, Wen Wen (Psydee) met through Facebook (she blushed when I mentioned how we met to people asking.. but I think it’s a good thing, not only bad about FB then!!)..
..and I met a nice bunch of people.. more night life and social life than the last 4 months!!!

I met also a half Norwegian half American guy that the first word he said to me was “Huff-da”.. not even sure how to spell it!!!

And next a guy from.. Stavanger!!!

Hope to post more soon!!

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