Aikido AV babes!!!

28 05 2009

This is not a technical video!!!! The execution of the technique is horrible, but it is not always the main focus, not even during a “normal” seminar!! 😉

And probably for the Japanese AV (Adult Video!!) industry, it is already a huge step to include Aikido!! The girl look at the end is priceless!! 😀

I must admit I have (almost) never seen such beauties during an Aikido practice!!!

With Av idol, AV女優, at practice, I wish hakama was more like a mini skirt version, with of course no pants under.. 😛

I have been searching a bit about these two aikidokas in which dojo they practice.. apparently I must search better!

PS Thanks to Svein for finding this precious video 😉


The negotiatior

26 05 2009

No, I am not talking about the great movie with Samuel Jackson and Kevin Spacey, but about this following video showing the Chinese art to solve dramatic situations:

Please not the position where the fireman located the inflating mat respect to the man on the bridge (at the end of the video).. he barely fell on the side!!!! 😀


Psydee story

25 05 2009

So innocent, so relaxed, so peaceful. They could be alive. They could be dead. She cannot see clearly if their chest moves at all, if they are breathing. They are so still. It is like a picture. Like a snapshot. A hint of light, not much though, just enough to remove some dark but leaving the shadows of the room. X* and W* are sitting on the big couch. No, not sitting.. laying down.. Wearing almost the same horizontal striped shirt, wearing the same black trousers. Wearing the same relaxed expression, or is it the face of death? No flicker of the eyes, no changing in their positions. How can one lay with his hands like that? How can his head not slide down? Is the time really still running? No, maybe it has stopped, like everyone else.

And what about Z*? Is that shape really him? She cannot see clearly his face. It is still wrapped in a thick curtain of shadows. But the way his arms cross, the way he is sitting, the way he is holding a long extinguished cigarette are his own. Too characteristic. He is Z*. Usually restless, now also frozen in this statue-like pose. Why cannot she see his face? She wonders if there is any twitch at all in his eyes, usually always searching and never focusing on anything more than a few heart beats. She moves around the room, softly, making no sound, looking at her sleeping (dead?) friends.

Psydee - framed versionA cold breeze rush through the room. Nothing moves though. Not the curtains, not the paper cups, now empty after much drinking, not even the ancient dust on the floor. The cold breeze passes, as a sad memory and suddenly all the three boys open their eyes and look around, as if they wake from a nightmare and they do not know where they are. But the sense of disorientation last only a little and they look at each other. Their lips curve in a smile, a sad smile. They all know perfectly well where they are and why. It is the third time they meet here, once per year, 14th of February. Many empty bottles on the floor, all are booze bottles, of course. It is time to go, but they all know they will be here again the following year. And this time they do not need to talk about the very strange same feeling they have had now, exactly like the previous years. The feeling she was there with them. The impossible feeling she was walking around them when they were sleeping. An alcoholic sleep in memory of their dead little sister. Not a real blood sister, but the kind of friend that is always perfect. They knew they had with her a friendship that would have lasted forever. But 3 years earlier she had died. That very day. And now they drink for the memory, they sleep with that memory.. and she is still there walking around them, as she used to do before.. as a cold breeze..

(13/02/2009 – 10:43 pm)

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Traveling in Scandinavia!

21 05 2009

On the road again, taking a new guest from Beijing a bit around Norway and to Stockholm..

Let´s say Stavanger and Trondheim did not really impress her, but after being in Beijing and really loving that place, I can understand her. At the same time though I cannot be too concerned: this is Norway, I cannot make miracles except showing the places I live in (Stavanger) or love (Trondheim)..

Not enough? I will survive and anyway she is a travel companion and I need to relax, not stress for trying the impossible to impress someone..

Tomorrow we will fly to Stockholm before one more night in Stavanger for the end of her trip.. I wish she was not getting too bored.. or.. I was not!!! 😀

After that, no more too much of internet-random-crazy-chat travel companions! Good memories even if the people I have been traveling with were not perfect ones (for me).. no, I do not say they were the wrong travel companions, not even my fake evil ex- gf, 傻旭 😉 (kidding a bit with the adjectives..)! I actually have great memories from my trips not only food or places.. Yeah, I do have a real heart, had that before and having still now! 😉 and these memories will reside there for a long time, like the one below.. sweet and funny!

show me your thoughts

But after this trip, time to focus again most on work, Aikido and maybe some local dating.. unless one new angel comes around.. yeah.. I have already an idea, but she does not read my blog.. and, good thing, she does not live in Stavanger but she does live in Norway! Shortening the distances!! 😛

Henry Rollins Band

11 05 2009

Thanks to this long and quite tiring weekend of work, I have been introduced by a colleague to an extremely interesting new band: Henry Rollins Band!

And from the past of the singer, Henry Rollins, there is some interesting stuff from the very punk band Black Flag:

Thanks Rutger!!!!

Teppan & friends

10 05 2009

After ages Saturday night I went first back to Mikado restaurant to eat great Japanese food, teppan yaki, 鉄板焼き, chicken or beef cooked on a hot iron plate, served with fried rice and vegetables, also cooked on the plate..

After that, with a friend I had not seen in ages too, Angelo, we went to say hi long missed friends in Stavanger, and for me it was the first time in about 5 months I had a night out here.. Except from the friends, I missed nothing of this place.

Thank god I did not meet any person from the dark past, still my fear..

Avoiding shitty situations stopping going out! It has worked until now!! The time to move has come, in my mind already 6 months ago!

I’ll post soon some other pics! 😀

On the way to Mikado I have been caught taking pictures of a “formal” photo session! 😉


What a pity!

9 05 2009

I should be on the way to practice with one of my favorite instructors visiting Norway, Philippe Orban, 6.dan from Leipzig, but in less than a hour I’ll be at work..

Deadlines.. good name, because you are always late and you get there.. dead!!! 😀