Sara & Mathias – part 2!

31 07 2009

I am on the way to France, Grenoble, where there will be the second celebration of Sara & Mathias’ wedding! The first step, in Trondheim, was quite successful, with a good partecipation of friends and good cakes!

This second part (there might be a third part too, in Iran) will be in France, with more family members taking part and for sure more food/wine in Southern European wedding traditions! 😀

And there will be a proper photographer, unlike Trondheim where a friend from Sara’s side and myself were more or less covering the ceremony! Therefore, this time I will focus less on pictures (I am anyway ages delayed in posting on flickr, and without a working proper pc at home, with a bit mroe RAM than my little EEE Asus,uploading will take ages!).

Sara & Mathias wedding


Taiwanese funny video!

30 07 2009

So funny!!! not sure if it is Chinese or Taiwanese, but a friend from Taiwan posted it! But the characters, so complicated and beautiful, seems to be from traditional Chinese, so I would guess Taiwan 🙂

糯米糰 – 跆拳道

Other pics get around!

28 07 2009

Lately I have been lucky to get a few of my pictures published on some web pages..

Sometimes maybe I do not understand myself why these specific pictures were chosen, but then I am happy to see them there!!! 😀

russ madness!Rue89

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An evening with friends..
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Lofoten 1996 - day 3posted on HappyTellusLofoten

Má fan!

26 07 2009

I thought about this word tonight, sitting on the flight ready to take off from Frankfurt to Stavanger: 傻旭 taught me this word, má fan, 麻烦, that means “troublesome [person]”.. At that time she was 麻烦, she said (and I discovered only too late how much she was saying the truth about that!!! 😛 ).

Tonight someone else was má fan, 麻烦: a Chinese (!) man that a few moments before taking off called one stewardess for telling her he saw something wrong about one engine.. After it was checked, he kept being unsure and quite nervous.. Má fan, 麻烦!!!!

I can understand people is more and more worried because of the lately accidents, but flying on a plane is something that you either accept completely.. or walk! You have no power or control on how the expert do their job on the plane you sit, so.. sit back and enjoy the ride! In the worst case it is anyway one of the fastest death you can expect and hope for, if the plane crash or explode airborne. OK, maybe in case of crash you got some time for panic and stress.. but then, I guess you won’t suffer much..

Anyway back in “lovely” Stavanger after 10 very nice days of martial arts, nice people, great food and zero worries.. Tomorrow back at work: for that at least we have done  a very detailed and clean planning..

I just do not like Stavanger.. anymore.. if I have ever even liked it..

Let’s see how things will evolve.. job and results there first.. and parallel building up my close future.. stay tuned for.. explanations! 😀

What a swim!!!

25 07 2009

Today I went with Margit & Robert to Fuschlsee, a lake not far from Salzburg, because Robert took part to the lake crossing competition: 4.2 km swim!!!

An amazing landscape in this region, with the lake surrounded by beautiful mountains.. under a terribly gray sky until the starting time for the crossing. In fact, the competition was delayed: the weather reports from a nearby airport unfortunately made a little mistake about the evolution of bad weather, but around 5pm the competition started. And the weather had turned nice!

Robert managed to swim the whole distance in less than 1hour and 45 minutes!!!! Bloody impressive, as a French friend put it down!!! The professionals (there were at least 5 among the best triathlon and Iron Man athletes in Austria) arrived in less than 50 minutes.. yep,  50 minutes!!!! 🙂

Back in Vienna

24 07 2009

Dead tired, wanted only say hi to the world out there..

Very nice seminar, this one in Zilina with Endo sensei, probably the best combination of nice environment, sensei in a very good spirit, great and cheap food/drink possibilities, price in general, beauties both on and off the mats.. with only the disadvantage of hot hot hot and humid weather.. that reached its top yesterday (about 34 degrees, high humidity) and next a big night storm with thunders refreshed us!

Anyway I am proud to say I do not have any new injures 🙂 Also the old problems (back, wrist, knees, etc etc) have not troubled me! I was a bit tired in the knees today but the three nights on the mats have not brought back any back pain (thanks maybe to the good beer.. and cheap!).

My next session with Endo sensei will be in Shanghai!!! I am sooooooooo looking forward to it!!!! 😀

Good night folks!

On the way to Zilina!

20 07 2009

Last day in Vienna.. ops, ok, it is better I explain a bit: all these outdoor activities I had in the last days, adding today ones (a tour on a horse-drawn carriage, home made maki-sushi, a bath in Danube) there were not really performed in Vienna-Vienna, capital of Austria.. but in Velm, the village where Margit lives.. or if not here, around here.. 🙂

So tomorrow early morning we will drive to Zilina for Endo sensei week seminar. We heard the weather forecast for this coming week: from 31 degrees tomorrow to a top on Thursday, here in Vienna.. Zilina is quite close.. we are going to sweat liters liters of water!!!! Then we must drink.. yeah, water too 😉

Today great Iaido session, doing a lot of old forms from Okudan series, from the old experience of Robert! I wonder what I will rmeember, but I am sure I will remember again how much I loved Iaido. A good way to use the tons of free time in the evenings I will have back in Stavanger!

Good night for now!!!