Berlin, Berlin, I’m coming!!!

2 10 2009

One week from today I’ll be in Taiwan, or, time wise, flying there… but few hours from now I will boarding a flight to Berlin, one of the most beautiful European capitals, for Aikido seminar with Christian Tissier, 7.dan Aikikai 😀 !!!

I am not in top condition, a little injure from last weekend seminar in Oslo is maybe a bit more severe than expected, but they made painkillers for this.. kill the pain when you must do something else..

I hope I will manage to practice properly both days and Sunday just relax the arm.. relax for holidays! At least for being able to carry stuff to and back from my trip, Taiwan+Shanghai!!! 😀

"basic" chinese....UNRELATED COMMENT
I spent almost all yesterday evening looking for this damn book, my first Chinese grammatical reference book.. Got crazy! I do not like losing stuff, especially books.. Finally this morning I found it.. where I thought it was, just at the very bottom at the backpack where it had been since last Sunday!!! Very bottom! 😀 Cool.. I thought it was a sign when I lost it.. let’s be positive (difficult for me): it is maybe a sign as well finding it!



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