The Wall

30 11 2009

Thirty years ago, 30 November 1979, Pink Floyd released ” Another Brick in the Wall”, a song that made history:



29 11 2009

Yes, I think this is a good title!

Just back from 5 great Aikido days in Vienna at Endo sensei seminar, with the highlight of graduation on Saturday night, where Svein got his shodan, 初段, and I got my nidan, 二段.. 😀

A lot of thanks to all the people I practiced with in these years, on these last days and especially to my two uke, 受け: Saverio, just met in Vienna, and Enrico, met in Stockholm at Tissier sensei seminar in 2005!! Both Italians from Rome, Saverio from Aiki Roma and Enrico more a free spirit!

Grades that we received with a great comment from sensei: “very good!“, for both of us.. only us two out of four grading! But we were all good, all passed the examination! Well done Brett and Jason, as well!!!

I admit I was quite nervous: first time for me grading in front of sensei, even if I have spent almost the last 5 years since my last Aikido exam actively practicing with Endo sensei. Still, even feeling the technique quite ok, there is always the nerve factor.. And it was a good decision to keep all very simple, kihon (基本, basics), the way that sensei likes, essential techniques, principles.

A very useful comment/advise from Jan Nevelius (Vanadis Stockholm) at the yudansha seminar in Oslo last weekend (where I got great and useful practice with him and Mouliko Halén from Sunyata Aikido dojo) resulted in extra appreciation by sensei of my tantodori: Jan told me to keep it simple, out of the line and go for the tanto (knife) and then the most basic, short and safe technique execution.. and sensei liked that a lot! and I was very happy to hear! Also the practice here in Stavanger with Bob helped a lot to refresh my lousy technique!

There is though an extra element of luck in every graduation, and there is also in my execution of kotegaeshi as tantodori: Saverio was ready to attack in a position I thought was leading to yokomenuchi attack (side of the head strike) but he perform a very fast and realistic chudan tsuki (punch at stomach height with the knife). I realized and changed movement and intentions like 5 centimeters before the knife (wood knife!!!) was stroking my belly! This is always something to avoid in exams!!! 😀 After I got out of the line, with the heart racing for the “close call”, I went for a short, effective and basic kotegaeshi, with a sharp cut, throw and lock! And it was a “full score” 😉

Good sensei did not see the expression on Saverio face that realized I almost got skewered by the tanto!!!

All in all, I had great feelings during the exam and again I thank Enrico, Saverio and all the other Aiki-partners and instructors of these days and these years!!!

A special thank to Margit & Robert as well, for their kindness to give us Norwegian hospitality and more.. and always a great practice with Margit (Robert was unfortunately sick!! Get well fast, my dear friend!!)!

Time to wash the keiko-gi, 稽古着.. not a single clean jacket 😦

On my way to Vienna!

24 11 2009

And on my way to graduation.. but it will never look like the videos below, exam of a good friend of mine, Joerg Kretzschmar from dojo Kishintai Forum Aikido in Cologne.. amazing good!

Very nice Endo sensei Aikido style, as you can check from the channel related to sensei DVDs and videos, the Way of Mastery.

There it’s possible to see also the smiling and funny side of sensei:

Hope he is in good mood also Saturday 😉

Morning at the office

24 11 2009

…and tonight I will be in Wien for 5 days of Aikido with Endo sensei!

A nice big cloud reflecting partially some of the sun light… nice cloud in the nice Norwegian sky, one of the few thing I’ll miss for sure from here..

Time to change focus now.. one trip has started, another one might be imminent as well…..


19 11 2009

by Arielynn.

So many memories.. not only of her, but of another person with another red hat jacket.. a bit darker skin, same Asian eyes..


17 11 2009

Take it with a smile! Sometimes we take Aikido a bit too serious:

Thanks to Lucas for the hint!

Jan Nevelius, 6.dan, in Trondheim

16 11 2009

Another wonderful seminar with Jan Nevelius, 6.dan from Vanadis dojo (Stockholm). First of two in a row with Janne, in preparation of my nidan (no, I do not see in the future, I write about the past 😉 ) graduation in Vienna with Endo sensei.

This entry is postdated from the future 😉 : Jan is maybe the biggest motivation that pushed me now to look for a Chinese martial art, even if at that time I was not sure yet to move to China! (I got the job offer during Jorma’s seminar at Sunyata in Oslo!)