End of the dream, start of the new life!

15 12 2009

Or in other words: China, I am coming!!!

This month I have officially resigned from my job in Stavanger and accepted a 2 years contract in Chinam, in Hefei, a town 450 km. circa west of Shanghai. Not a big capital, not my beloved Shanghai, but for sure a step into my dreams, in to Asia! The final test to see how much I will really like my dreaming, Asia!

I am aware I might not like the epxerience, and that is why I know I will be able to fall back to Norway (Trondheim) or Italy (Biella), but I am also aware that I got a strong CV and I will be able to find another job in Europe or else! And I do not want to let too much time run before doing this experience!

31st March 2010.. probably my departure date from Norway.. saying that was scary.. writing that it’s even more.. knowing that it will happen.. wow!!!! 😀



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15 12 2009

Good luck!


22 12 2009

Hi. I’m South Korea, and by chance I flashed into your blog. I read about your view on South Korea that beautiful girls, well, I’m not sure if Korean girls can be compare to Norwegian girls. Anyway Korea is very interesting country even for me still hard to understand of their crazy funny cultural things.
It must be much interesting to foreigner like you interested Asian culture.

Take care.


20 01 2010

hmmm,hey,i’m Olivia who is from hefei,i just saw ur comment on my fb,but u know,since fb is blocked in china,i cant leave any msg there..so if u have any problems about hefei,u can write me email:)


21 01 2010

Looks like a big change in your life. All the best. =)


5 06 2010
Paul Henson

Hey Andrea

How are you ?
Well, I arrive in Shanghai on the 10th July 😀
I will be travelling to Jiansu and Jinhua to visit girls I know there.
Hefei is not so far from Shanghai ? It would be great to see you if you have the time 😀



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