Italy, Norway and Claire!

10 01 2010

super smile in super snow..Very nice long weekend in Italy for Christmas holidays meeting old friends, family and a long time (3 years) Taiwanese pen friend that just moved to Italy for (at least) one year studying at the Domus Academy in Milan: Claire, a lovely new/old friend!

I had a chance to show Claire around in Biella, and we both share a great interest in photography, even if my focus and her focus were on slightly different subjects! 🙂

It’s true I have already taken many pictures of Biella, and I did also took some this time, especially for my new HDR attempts!

Claire and my dadOn the other hand, I had a chance to visit again after ages the Ricetto di Candelo, a middle age fortified structure that is still preserved in a very good condition! And the pictures, even close to the evening, were quite satisfying!

It was great to see so much snow in Italy as well.. and I was extremely lucky with the choice of traveling days, landing barely one day after a 3 days of pure nightmare for airports, roads and trains because of ice and snow in Italy as in the rest of Europe.

So a trip started nicely and ended nicely.. Very good time at home, with tons of good food and drinks.. Too much? 😉

And the good time continues in Norway, when Claire came up here for the first time and I had a chance to show her Stavanger, Trondheim, Røros and Oslo, with a great new year eve party in a cabin up in the mountains close to Meråker, together with many close friends!

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2010 predictions

10 01 2010

Starting as the last few years, random order (bold for new 2010 predictions):

  • 60% of resolutions will become true.. and this year I want to be more optimist than before 😉
  • the world will not be a better place, it won’t be cleaner, it won’t have less wars, it won’t give more profound values to the new generations
  • Italian politics will still suck
  • I will see more of China!
  • catholic church will still not recognize unmarried couples, not approve use of condoms for limiting AIDS (only celibacy) and not try to take a step in modern times
  • I will not lose my pessimistic/realistic nature
  • I will meet new interesting people
  • I will love, again..
  • I will suffer because of love, again..
  • I will forget her..
  • I will learn more Chinese 😉
  • I will experience so many new things, foods, people that I wonder if I’ll manage to keep my head on my shoulders 😉
  • I will practice again with Endo sensei in Shanghai
  • I will practice much less Aikido but maybe I’ll start new Chinese martial arts..
  • I’ll learn more about Chinese culture

2010 resolutions

10 01 2010

Yeah.. let’s see which kind of promises I can make and break:

  • forget her completely!
  • face this new challenge with courage, realism and.. madness!
  • do not be afraid to admit I made a [several] mistake[s]
  • (always) keep my weight under control..
  • improve my Chinese (!)
  • do not be afraid to love again.. and suffer for love again!
  • take care of the injures I have started the year with: lower back (31st May 2009 – Endo sensei seminar @ Berlin), knees (31st July 2009, on the way to Mathias’ wedding in France), elbow (25th September 2009 – Orban sensei seminar @Oslo)
  • do not be afraid to ask for help!
  • keep my new house better than the last one.. less messy!
  • achieve good results in the new job!
  • travel more in China!
  • get to know Hefei!
  • make new memories of lovely Beijing!