Stressed and too relaxed..

29 01 2010

Funny combination of mental states, funny they can actually co-exist, but this is actually how I feel I am right now! I am thinking constantly about the next 2 months: I have to empty my place here in Stavanger and balance between throwing away stuff, giving away, send/bring up to Trondheim and take with me to China.. Knowing that for the last part, I will have 30kg luggage plus some extra kilos I can pay for and hand luggage. But even knowing that two months can pass quite fast, I am still postponing, doing very very little every evening. Always too tired after Aikido practice. And I let myself thinking that there is time.

So my mind oscillates between stress and relaxation, but I admit, not in a peaceful way: it’s more a stressed lazy person, than a stressed relaxed person.

This coming weekend I’ll stay in Stavanger. but not because I started loving this place! My feeling for the town has not changed, not even now I know I will kiss it bye bye soon. I have though to pack up some missing hours at work, tons of reports to prepare for passing over my tasks to my colleagues and I can spend some time on my home-tasks above mentioned! Since I almost never go out here, I will use most of the time for home-related stuff!!

Among the few things I hope to manage to do, there is some update of old and past posts for this blog, stuff even from last end of the year that I always wanted to review and post.. and now I can do without feeling sad.. And some flickr pictures updates as well..