2009 – 2010 wrap ups..

30 01 2010

…and prediction/resolutions posting and post-dating..

I have had troubles closing the year 2009 in the “proper” way, because of the break up at the end of 2008 with my ex.. so that every time I tried to write the annual wrap up I felt sad, angry, silly, missing someone, in need of a break..

Now, I guess, the time has been enough, at least for writing something about 2009 and taking some resolutions about 2010!

So, have a laugh at my [pathetic] wrap-ups:

..and since it is the end of January, it is good to write about the fresh ended 2009 and the expectations for this new and challenging 2010, because I can definitively say that this year will offer me a very new life and new possibilities!

Still missing a couple of post about year wrap-ups: Aikido seminars (2008 & 2009), books (2008 & 2009) and.. 2009 mingling 😉

And if you wonder in which kind of spirit I have started AD 2010, here two videos about how I feel about love, feelings and life…… 😀

…once again this song [love] is about nothing…

2009 wrap-up

30 01 2010

What a year.. I mean, a special year with respect to a few things in my life.. Starting from the end of 2009, I resigned from the job here in Stavanger, Norway and I accepted a completely new job in Hefei, China.. A 2 years contract in a Chinese company (I’ll be the only foreigner) with a Chinese salary in a very Chinese town, not a Beijing or a Shanghai, just to understand each other! I guess I did figure out something more about what I want to do in this life..

So let’s see what else I promised to accomplish:

Oh, I did get my nidan in Aikido!!! And it was a damn good graduation! 😀 No complaints! I also practiced during 2009 more than ever probably..

The weight is still a challenge.. the end of the year brought some good celebrations, with friends and family, in Italy and Norway.. and I am still struggling to go back!!! 😦

About my nemesis-“past love”, no I did not forget her completely, but on the other hand, moving to China, I am going to put quite a bit of distance between us.. and the time has helped!! Few more baby steps and the goal will be reached!

..and what did I predicted?

Most of the predicted stuff.. the new ones at least, has been achieved..

Also about love and new broken hearts.. or better, no one got her (his? 😉 ) heart broken because of me but in my 2009 mingling (yes, I’ll post about it soon) I did manage to get a couple more scratches on my heart!!! I admit, I’m not good for “one night stands” or “one week stands”.. I always get too much into it.. As I admitted before, in some ways I did love all the girls I had something with.. spanning from few hours to few months.. but my heart is getting better in recovering time.. not harder, no.. just recovering faster! 😛