Hefei.. just arrived!!

3 04 2010

Finally, I arrived! Around 5 pm of Friday 2nd April, Beijing time, I collected my luggage and got out of Hefei airport, where I was welcomed by two new colleagues! Cool!

The trip went very well, no problems all the way: I had paid 10 kg extra luggage in advance for KLM (210 € Stavanger – Beijing) and I checked in 40.5 kg in Stavanger!! Good packing 😉

In Beijing, for the domestic flight, I had to pay the extra weight: 20 kg extra at the price of 300 RMB, for Beijing – Hefei.. about 30 €!! I was expecting much more!!! 😀

The 6 hours of stop over in Beijing went a bit slow, but that was the time were I felt more the jet-lag. Nice thought the Terminal 3 of Beijing airport, that was actually the terminal were I landed and departed during the Olympics in 2008. Very nice terminal, I guess much newer than the rest. Future notes: you get there via an intern free bus service, from the arrival level of Terminal 2 (or 1). T3 is quite far from the rest of the airport.

In Beijing, after checking in and passing security, I had a fast lunch full of memories: I found something I had tasted the very first in Beijing as well in 2008, duck hearts!!! Delicious!!! 🙂

Many surprised and funny looks on the flight to Hefei, where I was the only foreigner: same as for the internal flight Shanghai – Wenzhou, for my first visit to China! I like the feeling, I am a real proud lao wai (foreigner).

In Hefei, the welcoming colleagues took me to the place where I’ll live probably for some weeks before my apartment is ready. This temporary solution is a three bedroom apartment at the 13th floor, used probably by the company when they receive customers. Huge living room, kitchen, 2 toilets.. not a single mirror in all the place!! Do they have business with vampires? Cool! 😉

Of course, also, no Internet but this is something that will be fixed in my real future home, and for now I will have to find Internet cafe’. I’m writing this post on my EEE pc on the sofa, listening to iPhone music and waiting to meet later this afternoon (Saturday 3rd April) another colleague. Good I took with me my Samsung mobile: apparently the Chinese SIM card does not work on my original iPhone.. 😦 but no problem on the Samsung… 😦 I will have to look into it.. or I ask my father to google it and see what solutions are available..

Yesterday evening, the colleagues showed me a bit around the block where the apartment I live in now is, with a close market, and a restaurant. Great food: yes, still love Chinese food!!! This morning I did some little house shopping, buying a couple of pan/pot, a spoon (for my first coffee in Hefei!!), soap for dishes and for myself, and some food.. basics, yeah! Not necessary to say that in the shop a chorus of “lao wai” was raised at my entrance.. Not necessary to say that one of the girls working there was sweet!!! Already in love 😉 Got myself also a bag of a orange-juice powder I love, called Tang.

Sunny day, like yesterday, even if I must say the apartment is quite cold. It is also huge and I know that I must get used again to the cold, because also my future location is supposed to be big and I want to save on electricity costs 😉 But outside the temperature is really enjoyable! Probably 10-15 degrees. A bit windy, and the sky is mix of blue and Beijing kind of white.. even if I don’t think the pollution here is high compared to Beijing or Shanghai 😉 This is still a 4.5 million inhabitants little city… ah! China!

Now, some time to kill and I have still, as promised, to write properly the comments to Jacqueline and Karwan trying graduation in Stavanger.. hopefully useful for their soon to come real graduation 🙂

By the way, the beds are soooooo HARD!!! I used to sleep on Japanese tatami mats: they are like feather madras respect to what I sleep on right now!!! Amazing! Let’s see how my back reacts!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – For the first time I saw a pirate bus!!! A mini van with a couple of wood benches on the back and a paper sign in the front with hand written the number of the bus and something else in Chinese. It stopped at the proper bus stop a few minutes before the real bus and a few people used it. Given that the real bus, all buses, here costs only 1 RMB per trip, this must be convenient only for not waiting too much! 🙂



5 responses

4 04 2010
Paul Henson

Hi Andrea
Really glad to hear that your new life in China has started well. I shall be following your progress now I have found your blog.
Best wishes and hoping to be able to fly over and see you there sometime.



4 04 2010
Vittorio Magliola

Happy to read that you are arrived safe and without any luggage missing!


4 04 2010
Vittorio Magliola

i’ve tryied to leave a comment but it didn’t work.
Let’s try it again: welcome to China!


4 04 2010

Soumds like your adventure started really nicely, i’m glad to hear! Keep us posted! Hugs, Jac from Switzerland (PS: nice of you to think of us back home in between akk the new impressions!)


5 04 2010


Amazing to see that you arrived and managed to get connected. Looking forward to read the rest of your posts.

A little language-tip on “sweat” and “sweet”:

“Sweat” = liquid that your body produces to lower body temperature (pronounced quite like in Norwegian: “svett”).

“Sweet” = translates to “dolce” in Italian or “søt” in norwegian. May be quite useful for nice people 😉


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