20 04 2010

[UPDATE 31 Aug. 2011: REV is closed now, as Aussie Mike, a long time Hefei resident, points out.. REV spirit is not dead, but it moved on to another place called Knights Bar located somewhere close to KeDa Xi Men ( Science and Technology University campus, West gate)]

20/04/2010 – No no, it’s not me starting something big, it’s just the first pub I visit Saturday evening, I dedicate a post to it. 🙂

Revolutionary pub (Rev or the Chinese: GeMinZhe Jiuba) is located on the back side of the office of China Eastern Airlines, at Jin Zhai Lu (road) 246. It is a  nice place, nice pub with live music, cool atmosphere, I saw a few more lao wai around. I should go back with my camera or my iPhod and take some pics. Cool murales on the walls, reminding me of one of my favorite places in Biella, my home town: Pluto pub.

There must be some sort of offer on multiple beers, because apparently I was the only idiot ordering bottles one by one (Svein: light Chinese beer, nothing else, sorry mate.. but I saw Glenfiddich and Jameson bottles!). Next time, I’ll take 2, but this beer is water.. and wanted to come out so fast.. 😉

After a few moments I was there I got a kick in the balls feeling: a girl came in with a foreigner guy and she was almost a replica of my ex-gf, only younger and sweeter.. I admit that the bad feeling lasted only a few millisecond, because after looking a bit more at her and at the other females around, I suddenly remembered why I like so much Asia 😉 F*ck the past!! Enjoy the future.. 😉

The band that was playing Saturday was a mix of Chinese and Western people. Interesting results, playing some blues, some rock, some funky.. I guess.. enjoyable.. and I always love live music.

Besides I am sure I will be back there: I am a person of habits.. like in Norway, the second evening in Trondheim (31/07/1995) I went to the pub 3B and then.. I came back over and over and over again.. just liked the place, the atmosphere.. Not sure if Rev will be like 3B, but for sure there are quite a few pretty girls that will help me deciding..

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – On the way out from Rev I was approached by a very strange trio that said to be from an advertisement agency: a little chubby but smiley girl (doing the talking in broken English),  very pretty and very silent little girl (probably the advertisement part) and a guy (the muscle?). They said they were looking for foreigner people to use as actors for a pubblicity about milk powder.. Now, I guess most of you remembers the crisys China had with export milk powder last year, and most of you remember I am not material for visual advertisements!!! 😀 But since it was fun I gave them my phone number and email. If I get tons of spam, what the heck, it’s part of the game! 😉



4 responses

20 04 2010

So in one way China and Norway are very similar. The beer is like water 😉

Enjoy everything else then!


20 04 2010

milk powder better than water-beer?!?!?!?! 🙂
anyway, 3B catched me too! 🙂
have fun, mate!


21 04 2010

catching up on your posts, man…
I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well. Lots of work, but that you knew, right?
Let’s be blunt and hope to fuck in the future as well. :p


21 04 2010

Hi Andrea.. Love to read You`re blog… ) and I wish You all the best and many pretty Chinese GF`s during You`re stay… and a cast in this milk powder thing… )) what will come up next?? )) kind regards kristian


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