eee F9

27 04 2010

No, it is not a secret code.. "eee" is my Asus 10" pc, my only pc at home at the present time (soon going to get a big brother) with its funny version of linux Xandros installed on, and F9 is the special key in order to restore the factory settings, necessary in case of big screw ups..

OK, it’s true.. I have to admit it: I am a windows man, a disgusting microsoft b*tch, slave of easy application and installing and remove that the tyrants has prepared for us for decades now..

So yesterday already setting up the internet connection had been a little nightmare: 2 Chinese technicians and one Chinese colleagues that could not speak a single word of English and apparently knew only windows interface were looking lost at each other. After some trying and clicking (on my Norwegian eee PC) I finally managed.. 😀

So in the evening I thought it was about time to try to update a few programs (like Firefox 2.0) on my eee PC and re-install Gimp and Picasa.. so I searched info and forums and suggestions, and using some of the listed commands.. everything went banana.. a few of the start-up features disappeared canceled at some point and nothing of the freshly installed worked..

I hate this pc!!!
I really do!

Then the last resort was the terrbile F9, losing also all the data on the hard disk.. possibly some pictures without backup.. crap.. So I guess tonight I will have to try again, installing at least the basics and try to find a good way for backup (found the link, I wonder if i’ll manage!).. and checking the prices for a Windows (7) big brother!

Just before the destruction, I went for a run yesterday, the second, and I realized how dfferent is the air. Normally, I feel it is not Norwegian air, but still nothing bad compared to Beijing for example (or Milano!!). When I was running, I started coughing and I had almost to stop: god, it was so difficult to breath properly and it was so thick..

Together with the fact I hate jogging and I am tired already at the thought of it, given that I don’t see any chance to practice Aikido any time soon.. it my only way to avoid to explode because of the great food here!

But no funny thing for today, too pi$$ed for the PC.. yes, I know, it is my mistake.. but still.. 😦



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27 04 2010

Why not trying with basket again? China has the biggest federation in the world 😉


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