1st of May Festival

4 05 2010

04/05/2010 – Thank god for some fresh air!!! Wonderful weather on the first three days of Mayl! And about 30 degrees!!! Now I am a bit afraid: not afraid of not liking China; not afraid of not finding a good girl, a bad girl or any girl; not afraid of not learning Chinese; not afraid of not succeeding at work.. all these things depend on me, on the gods and on luck! I am afraidof the weather!!!! And these are not the warm months! I don’t remember a 1st of May with 30 degrees! Not even in Italy!!!

3 days festivity for 1st of May celebration: Saturday, Sunday and Monday.. yes, they all count for the festivity! 😉 And I had a great start alrady on Friday night. First Revolutionary, met some new interesting foreign people that took me to Mei Gao Mei.. previous post!

Saturday 1st of May, I took it easy then.. Easy meant going to shopping and then another day walking around the center, just to see people and that is not a problem over here! First though a little clothing shopping for adding a few items to my very little stuff! Still no vacuum cleaner though and it is getting a first priority now (maybe together with a fridge for some cold beers and a real pc).

For Sunday and Monday I had special plans: meeting 2 pen friends, both originally from Hefei, both working in Shanghai. We have been on contact for a few months, after I decided to come here, and during this holidays we had time to meet in person. Both very nice people. One of them will stay a few months here in Hefei, so I’ll have a few more chances to meet her, and learn more about her place!

Sunday night we also went to eat at a Korean barbeque place: as good as the first time I experienced it (in Beijing) but this time I did not take dog meat.. I forgot to check if they had it!

Sunday also we visited a new bar, called Madison.. I should probably write a dedicated post, as did before for the otter places! And it was very funny playing pool after ages.. and they got quite good beer there! Appreciated even by a German guy.. that’s the place where I should bring friends like Svein 😉 I admit that I had a couple of whiskey (single malt, yes) at Rev.. at the price of 20 RMB per ounce.. not bad!! 🙂 I got tired of drinking light beer!

Monday night, thanks also to another new Chinese friend met on Sunday through foreigner contacts here, I went to a nice new little place soon to be officially opened by an Australian man that has been living ages here in Hefei.. also a teacher, trying extra business with a cafe’ in the student area.. I think I will be there often.. great area.. with food street vendors and lots of students.. I think he will have a great potential there.. and half liter ice cold beers at.. 5 RMB.. light Chinese beer, but, still.. 😉 His place does not have a name yet.. not officially, so the dedicated post will come later 😉

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – There is in the center a nice coffee place called Coffee Time, a brand from Singapore. I admit that it was so hot outside that I did not even check the coffee machine, but I went for ice drinks.. they have a mango ice that is just wonderful! But this is not the funny part.. In the last 2 days I went there 3 times (twice yesterday) with.. three different girls!!! And I am pretty sure that at least yesterday one guy working there realized I was back with a different girl!! All friends only, of course!!

On a totally different level, I’d like to thank you all my dear friends for keep reading my blog! It makes me feel still close to you.. I am maybe not so good with emails, but write me and tell me how’s your life is going as well!! Thanks for checking up this site.. for my Aiki-friends, I have started again to write about the last year of amazing seminars.. my tons of notes make me feel a bit closer to the practice I am missing!!!