Animals in guerrilla clothes

6 05 2010

This morning reading the news, from Europe, was like a kick in the stomach.

I have just read about Greece, about the death of 3 people because of the violence of sadly famous groups that remind me only other cases of generalized stupidity that has noting to do with political views. The manifestation for the worker’s rights was just.. this episode that killed also a pregnant woman is something that gives me an uncontrollable rage.. I have always had left-oriented ideas.. but these people have nothing to do with what anyone believes in. These people are like hooligans: they look for an excuse to explode violence, the only thing they maybe understand.. These are not people.. these are animals and they should be treated as such: take them and put them in a room with the relatives and friends of the poor souls they killed.. without their silly protections, cuffed (because they always kill/injure people that cannot defend themselves), and just lock the door. This is justice. This is the only justice these people (left? right? police? army? who cares!) deserve.

The organized protesters, the extreme groups as well, say that no one of them did that.. If so, for once they should help and find these animals.. maybe next time these animals will find a way to kill one of them, the sister of an anarchic, the mother of a fascist.. but do we have to wait for more deaths so that everybody see they are not human? Animals must be treated as such. You know you cannot sit down with a bug and explained it that it should not land on shit and eat from that.. these animals would not understand like those animals.. then, give them the same fair treatment they gave to the innocent deaths they provoked.

And the other bad thing is that all the normal people that were in the organized manifestation for their rights suddenly and sadly became not important.. suddenly and sadly disappeared from the news.. suddenly and sadly they also became somewhat guilty.. especially from the politician point of view..

I am so angry.. and I am so sad for the death of innocents..

I know this is not a political blog.. but sometimes I have to write my feelings..

And I also perfectly know that if even arrested, these animals will find a way out, and there are anyway tons of them ready to let their violence corrupt anything with a meaning.. I am not Gandhi, but I really hate this kind of violence.. hating to the point that I’d love to smash a baseball bat on the head of the animals that did that.. same way pigs were killed in older times.. same way these animals deserve to die. But for the first time, I would say no to the meat coming from these kind of animals.. they are poison, poison for the society.. poison for the humanity..

Left? Right? Against these animals, there is only one position: we are all in the centre and we all want to make them disappear…….