Thank god it is Friday!

7 05 2010

07/05/2010 – The last couple of days have been very hard from a linguistic point of view, both at work and in my the social life. Not unexpected, but I am a bit worried that some mistakes at work (during a discussion) do not let them think I am useless or idiot.. especially since my understanding comes only from broken English chat with colleagues. Give me more months, than realize I am an useless idiot! 😉

Social life always weird, with phone number exchange with too young girl in MeiGaoMei that among 2 words of English set 5 sentences in Chinese.. I wonder how many think I will take care of them and their family, parents, grandparents etc etc.. while maybe I was only trying to ask in Chinese "how old are you?".. I probably should check which is the legal age in China.. if any! 🙂

Let’s say though the social life problems are less frustrating than the work ones (except a cute little girl calling me at 2am for asking if I was going to meet her at the disco.. working days 2am, yes! But she is sweet..). Tonight maybe for the first time I got numbers from people that could actually speak English.. unfortunately they were boys! 🙂 Danced though with the usual not-English-speaking beauties… not-English-speaking-much-too-young beauties.. 😛

This weekend I will recharge my batteries, but also I must find some time to start studying some Chinese. I know that I won’t go very far in the social part of my life here without Chinese, and I really want to go far.. in the social part at least 😉

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – The other day I had dinner together with a few friends some distance from my place. On the way home, it was raining like hell and no taxi around. So I was walking a bit before a cab stop, with already another passenger. They took me up as well and start driving the other guy. Left him at his place (he paid the whole fare of course) and then he drove me home, but from a much closer place. So I paid the way back much less than the first tour, he saved me lots time. I decided to give him 2 RMB tips (convert it at it is really nothing!) and he refused!!! I had to push him to accept it!! God, I love Hefei!

Already a farewell!

7 05 2010

Sometimes you meet a person several times, but you know there will be no future contacts, sometimes you meet someone 2 times, and you are sure we will keep in touch and probably meet again. Federico from Rome (first on the right, clearly!!), Italian new friend who lived here in Hefei for quite some time, is leaving today, closing this part of his life experience in China. We met 2 times, first at Revolutionary and then yesterday when he gave me and other people lots of stuff he was not going to take back to Italy.. Same as I did when I left Norway.. passing stuff over.. (btw, again and again, I got a guitar.. this time an electric one, Ibanez.. maybe this time I will learn?)

Federico is working for a Chinese company in Rome and he could already speak some Chinese when he arrived.. and left speaking a great Chinese! A good push to my motivations to learn (because here in Hefei, without any Chinese you do not go that far!).

Also in August he has promised to take a trip back.. then we will see how long he will stay!!

Very nice to meet you man, and the best wishes for your future!!