I want a Clas Ohlson!!!

10 05 2010

10/05/2010 – A Sunday of unexpected and undesired cleaning and washing: test wash with the second hand washing machine got from a colleague.. and I thought something could go wrong, even if I did not expect such a wasted day.. The machine seems to work, at least until the half operation, when it empties for the first time the chamber.. because at that point the flood happened!! The hole in the floor used for water exhaust was completely blocked, so my little bathroom became a swimming pool! Luckly the water did not extend to the rest of the house (thanks to my fast intervention with mops and bucket and a slightly tilted floor in the bathroom). So I created a dam toward the corridor and tried to contain the water. I had tested the hole with some little water.. and maybe it had not drained as well, but the hole goes down for about 40 cm and it seems to stop.

Like South of China, devastated in these days by heavy rains and floods (250 mm of rain in a few hours), my bathroom presented different shades of gray (toward muddy) water, that my mop had troubles to dry. So it took time, with necessary breaks, to remove the water. Then I decided to look for in some shops for a Chinese version of Norwegian Plumbo, an effective drain cleaner. Got one and applied.. but basically no effect. Some water leaked away from the pipe, but it was just few cl in many hours. Now I wonder if the hole is really shut closed for some reasons. Bad reasons! So I have to find a way to extend the water exhaust to either the toilet or the sink. 😦

And at this point, I started dreaming about Clas Ohlson, the place where one can find everything useful for house works.. and more!!! Now, in a place where very few understand English, where myself I cannot explain perfectly what I need, a store like Clas Ohlson would just be perfect. But no luck.. I know I need for sure some silicon paste and good Teflon tape and other tape. And both in Norway and Italy I would know where to find them.. Let’s say, here in Hefei, I have "a few" more troubles..

Only positive thing, for the cleaning morning/afternoon, was that the weather is a bit cooler than the very beginning of May. The temperature went down from those deadly 30 degrees, it is fresher and a bit rainy as well. No, I still don’t like the rain, but those 30 degrees were scary. Soon anyway the real summer will be here. Then let’s see how fast I’ll melt!