On the road again!

28 05 2010

Ready to go to the night train to Hangzhou for attending my first Aikido seminar since I moved to China!

2 months, no practice, little sport, too much food and a couple of times too much party as well.. let’s say how dead I’ll be on Sunday, for the night train back!

Practice is with Etsuji Horii Shihan, 7.dan: I have been told he is a typical hombu dojo style Aikido.. even more scary if he does start like doshu practice: ai hanmi irminage or shomen uchi iriminage? 😦

I hope in a bit of a softer start.. 😉

Old age!! I know!!

Alternative taxi

28 05 2010

First experience on a very Chinese taxi form: in the center, it is common, especially not in winter time, to get a ride by motorbike, a different and very efficient taxi form. What it is also very Chinese is that you can share the bike seat with another person, besides the driver, bringing to 3 the number of people on the bike!!

So last night I was on the bike together with my friend Rae, going from Madison to Kim’s bar!

So cool!! And the driver could even speak some English.. and of course we talked about Italian football!

Also it was definitively not bad having Rae, this pretty little girl, in front of me to hang on to 😉