Strange taste in men!

15 06 2010

After a bit more than 2 months in full immersion in Chinese life and environment, not anymore as a tourist, and after meeting a few Chinese girls, I have started thinking that many of them have really strange taste about men, especially foreign men!

I had already seen soon enough that many couples present a girl in the range of 7-9 (in a 10 max rank), while the male (Chinese) partner is in the range 4-6.. and that gave me hopes!!

Then, later on chatting with a few other girls, I have been surprised to know who they thought was hot, cool, interesting, almost-about-to-fall-in-love-for 😉

I was never in the picture, of course.. I am still an observer.. or better, I was until Friday and an insanely strange train trip to Shanghai!! Something that never happens to me! No, do not expect to read about love story or closing the deal on the train.. that still does not happens to me!! 😉

Anyway, I had just entered the railway station and I was tying my shoes on the automatic stairs, that a very cute and smiley girl in front of me says Hello and asks me where I am going. I tell her, and she tells me she is from Xiamen, 厦门, and going in some other place, leaving quite soon. Since I had much time for my train I followed her to hers, and I spent a good time chatting, exchanging numbers and QQ contacts. Also she maybe was going to come back to Hefei at some point. A really nice way to start the trip 😉

After she left, I went to my area for the train to Shanghai. Strange thing there were 2 trains to there at 20 minutes difference. I set in the queue for my train (in the future, more details about Chinese train stations! Don’t be greedy!). After some time a girl with those gorgeous kind of Chinese long and thin legs came up waiting close to me. Our train was a little detailed, so she was a bit annoyed, and making some very funny and girly expressions, puffing animation style (very typical with Asian girl.. manga and anime teaching!). She was very cute. I just needed an excuse to start chatting, and the delay gave me one. So we talked a bit and she was.. from Xiamen as well!! I really have to go there!!! Time to take the train: I was in wagon 4 (standing place!!) and she was in wagon 14 (standing as well). Not wanting to push my luck too much, I just exchanged phone numbers, bid goodbyes and went for my wagon. Time 10 minutes there, she sends me an sms asking if maybe she can come to me, because too crowded where she is.. so we spend all the trip to Shanghai together sitting on the floor (very different train than my first one experienced here: no one spitting on the floors here! But I checked!). And we chat a lot. And (now it comes the kick.. about strange taste!) she told me she thought I was so cool (!!!) and she wanted to find an excuse to talk to me (!!!!!!!!).. These girls are crazy!!! And I love it!!! 😉

footballUNRELATED COMMENT – Balance of (Chinese) life. After a great weekend, evening and night spent at home, trying to find a way to follow Italy opening match at the world cup on my little eee pc. My plan was going out, but a heavy and stressing day at work blew my mind. Also the usual communication problem, this time at the tiny restaurant where I eat often contribute to make me very nervous: I went there trying to ask for take away (打包, dǎ bāo) but they did not understand at all and then, with other people there they start laughing.. I got so pissed.. and left. At home, given that last Thursday I had to re do a factory setting (again F9) reformatting of the pc (and all the weekend I was in Shanghai), I managed to install Firefox 3, flash 10 and find some streaming page for football. The combination of a speed connection slower than stammering Danish, the limitation of this shitty Xandros pc and my mood already on the verge of going ballistic toward anything not screwed to walls or floors was an extremely dangerous risk for my health. I survived.. the pc more or less.. I don’t think I broke anything valuable, but I hope the walls were thick enough to stop most of the multi linguistic swearing (Italian, English, Norwegian and some really bad Chinese words). I can finally admit that this pc is the worst expense I had so far in my life, even including all the money thrown away for unfaithful girlfriends or paper cloth for home loneliness self pleasure.. especially when I have to put all my faith on this pc to keep my mental equilibrium.. As a second pc it is probably worth as used condoms or “our president” (Italian) promises.. 😉



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19 06 2010

this is not a strage taste in men, just the funny part of life. and its not almost fell in love its only a start of hunting by curiousity. shallow? No!!


20 06 2010

Of course every hunt starts from curiosity, nothing shallow there.. and it applies also to all the male hunters around you, try to remember it!
Remember I was not only talking about you, 3-4 pretty little girls more are included there, and yesterday night confirmed my thoughts, again not only bout you 😉

Oh, I hope the day that someone will feel that curious about me will come soon!!!

Still I am not sure I will ever be in the category of interesting dudes that you and your other pretty gf consider.. not even sure I want to be there, except for the thrill of being hunted (5-10 days max) and dating according to those thoughts (2-3 weeks max)..

Good luck finding/waiting for you next prey 🙂


21 06 2010

im sure u have yours for u!
i never think im the only one. im too clear of this kind of thing. its an attitude of play, im too awfull for that i think. not having fun! not worth playing anymore, ppl like my age always prefer the same age or same age around! a stable chinese to chinese relation would make me the happiest one in the world….haha


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