Weekends, weekdays

3 07 2010

Not so much difference, here in China, between weekends or weekdays. Life goes on in the same way for most of the people. The sun goes up at a certain time, the temperature stays high, then the sun goes down, and the temperature remains high. So the nature does not really care if it is Wednesday or Saturday. So, for most of Chinese companies saying you have to work on Saturday but you can take Monday free is quite normal (unless your project has close deadlines, and then you have to work every day anyway).

I had not realized before coming here how much weight we Western people give to weekends. If earlier it was because of religious reasons, actually nowadays the distinction between weekdays and weekends is more related to shopping habits.

In China, shops and shopping centers are open 7 days per week, usually from 9am to 10pm (some even later, as I experienced my first time in China, in Wenzhou!). Lots of English teacher I know work actually more on weekends and then they got some weekdays free. Restaurants and bars are always full of life, any day at almost any time. Some restaurants (I remember especially one in Beijing, I should go back!) are open 24 hours per day!!

But for my mind it is still weird thinking that now I am at work, and Monday is actually Sunday (not going to church anyway) and tomorrow, I’ll go shopping, so it is Saturday (Sunday the day after, yeah it works).. but I am pretty sure some of my colleagues will be at work, tomorrow and Monday/Sunday..

So, guys, enjoy your weekend, I’ll start tomorrow mine!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Maybe, for this one, I should say funny thing of the season.. this summer season.. A very strange first Chinese summer! Right now it is raining as I hadn’t seen in ages! Flood kind of rain, suddenly appearing from heavy clouds that were apparently hiding somewhere in the sky! Because this morning it was not sunny, but it was not cloudy, just the common white out humid sky.. And the lightnings!!! Oh yeah, real storm, with thunders and lightning and all!

4 years ago in Stavanger...UNRELATED COMMENT
Officially I have passed the period of 3 months in China.. Not knowing if I could survive in this new reality 3 days, I am quite happy I made it as far.. with all the communication problem I expected, and a few more I did not 🙂 But I am ready to face the next months and see how far I can get without running away! (2 years contract, tomorrow going to buy a fridge..)



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