Feng you jing

27 07 2010

We just got today a present from the company: 2 boxes of feng you jing, 风油精, a special oil used to ease aches and pains that excels at clearing the sinuses, relieving headache and clearing the mind and helping concentration..

It is also indicated for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with minor backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. But do not touch your eyes after you put on the fingers! Or other sensible parts, like, uhm, genitals!! Wash your hands after applying the oil!!

Considering that especially today I felt bad for a recent little cold (I have problems with air condition.. I haven’t use it at home yet, but work and other places.. it kills me!!). Got ears, nose, throat all a little messed up, and this oil arrives with the rigth timing!!:-)

Also cool to get it from the company, even if the present has probably a not so hidden second meaning: now your ehad is clear, then produce more!! 😉

The smell is similar to tiger balm but it burns less when applied on the skin (just below the nose nostrils). It’s green and liquid. But the effect is very similar, also warming the skin. Very pleasent effect! I’m sure some of my “Norwegian” aiki-friends would enjoy some bottles (Jacq? Bob? Svein?).. to keep in mind for my trip there!!

Feng you jing, 风油精



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27 07 2010

oh yes, please, anything to keep us more on the mats!
along with some more of that great tiger balm!
Thanks for thinking of me/us!


27 07 2010

Hi there!
really it was a nice idea that I would have enjoyed either….
I’m suffering from neck pain due to the air-conditioned we have here in the office.

Really a nice idea. And now…. you have no excuse but to produce more!



13 09 2010
sue clarkson

can i buy this product and if so how much is it thanks sue


27 12 2010

I grew up with the smell of Eagle Balm. My father always had lots of bottles everywhere in the house. Everytime I smell this, I think of him lying on the floor (bamboo mat) with on arm on his forehead sleeping, trying to get rid of the headache. 🙂
In 2008 when we were in Vietnam we had to buy eagle balm in Norway and bring it to my grandmother. She says the eagle balm in Vietnam is fake. 😀


3 12 2011

Good good for headache


29 05 2013

Also excellent for mosquito bites
According to family members in china. And it’s true


29 05 2013

Very true for all the comments.. so many different uses for Feng You Jing!!
I’m sure miss it when I move.. given the price over here and easy finding..

Thanks for stopping by!


20 05 2014

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19 01 2016

Мне помог при б ронхите. А теперь помогает при Ушбе. Очень хорошая вещь. Я очень довольна.
Наталия К.


25 03 2016
Wilson Cesar

Olá amigos!!Como faço pra comprar esse feng you jing!!Peço que entre em contato comigo pelo meu email!!Desde de agora agradeço a atenção!!


14 09 2016

Can I get this oil in Pakistan? In case yes, from which city, dealer, company?


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